St.Kitts –Nevis to be Represented at St. Maarten Fit Annual

By: Curtis Morton

The St. Maarten Fit annual Body Building show is set to be held on June 27th.

Desiree Parry of the St.Kitts-Nevis Body Building Association, reported on Wednesday that two athletes will be represented at the prestigious event.

The two body builders are: Emmanuel Jeffers, currently based in Anguilla and Kevin Adams of St. Kitts.
Emmanuel Jeffers will enter the event fresh from winning the Anguilla Invitational earlier this year.

She noted that top Body Builder on Nevis, Colin Lazarus will not be a part of the event as he is preparing for the CAC (Central American and Caribbean) games, slated for October of this year, in The Bahamas.

Ms. Parry noted that it is the plan for her Association to send at least ten athletes to the games in the Bahamas and used the opportunity to ask the general public to assist financially.

She stated that cheques can be written to the St.Kitts-Nevis Body Building Association, or interested persons can contact her or Mr. Joseph Liburd.

Persons can also call the number 469-3481.

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