St. Thomas’ Festival is off and Running

By:Curtis Morton

St. Thomas’ Parish-Nevis-The annual St. Thomas’ festival was set to get off to an impressive start on Thursday night-14th September.

The festival which was successfully  revived last year, through the efforts of Mrs. Janet Meloney and her staff at the Community Development Department, is one of the of the parish festivals, which have so far been reinvigorated by the department.

The other two that have been successfully hosted in recent times are Gingerama in Gingerland and WINFES in the St. James’ parish.

Efforts are now being made to host similar activities in the St. John’s and St. Paul’s parishes.

The full slate of activities for this year’s STTFES, are:

Thursday 14th September- Opening and Cocktail 7pm-Jessups community center

Friday 15th September – Bingo and Dance at the St. Thomas’ Old School from 7pm until

Saturday 16th September- J’ouvert from 5am with the Small Axe Band

Sunday 17th September-Church Service at 10am in Jessups

Monday 18th September- Gospel Concert at the St Thomas’ School Grounds

Tuesday 19th September-Independence day-Fun day from 12pm until 8pm at the Cotton Ground Play Field

Thursday 21st September- Panel Discussion at 7:30pm at the Jessups Community Center

Saturday 23rd September- Calypso Show at 8pm at the St. Thomas’ School Grounds

Sunday 24th September-Miss Petite Show 6pm at the St. Thomas’ School Grounds

The executive for the organizing committee for the STTFes’ is:

Chair: Tamara Farrell

Vice Chair: Frank Monzac

Treasurer: Vernice Griffin

Secretary: Sandrine Caesar

PRO: Patrick Daniel

Ass Tre / Sec: Chesley Davis

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