St. Thomas’ Primary –2017 Football Champs On Nevis

By:Curtis Morton

Last year, some of their players wept bitterly and openly but this year, the players for the St. Thomas’ Primary school’s Football team, were all smiles as they raised the winner’s trophy, having effectively defeated defending champions Ivor Walters Primary, in the grand finals held on Friday 17th November, 2017.

The grand finale of the annual Primary schools’ football league, was staged at the ET Willett Park and a huge crowd of supporters for the two top teams, showed up to witness the encounter.

After some intense early exchanges in the first half, one of the St. Thomas’ players broke free on the right flank and peeled off a right booter, which was superbly stopped by the IWPS’ goalie. However, the rebound was quickly latched on to and slammed home, while he was still sprawling on the turf.

The St. Thomas’ fan base was ecstatic.

Ivor Walters Primary missed out on a few opportunities in the second half but the St. Thomas’ defense held its own, right up to the final whistle.

Final score: St. Thomas’ Primary 1 Ivor Walters Primary nil.

The St. Thomas’ Primary school is therefore the 2017 champions of Primary School Football on Nevis.

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