St. Thomas’ Primary Humbles JLPS

They came out in their numbers and the din was great.
It was Thursday 20th June and the action was at the Hard Times play field, as the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, engaged their counterparts from the St. Thomas’ Primary School.
This, as the Runako Morton/TDC Primary schools’ Cricket tournament continued, after a short break for exams.

So, it looked all rosy for the home team, as the St. Thomas’ team was immediately rocked by the sheer speed and accuracy of one Carlton Pluck, who kept plucking wickets at random.
At 8 runs for 4 wickets—two clean bowled and the other two plumb in front, small wonder the incoming batsmen appeared to be reversing towards square leg.
Another couple of wickets from the other end and the St. Thomas’ team seemed to be in a mire.
The MAYOR, Sylvester Pemberton appeared and understandably looked glum, but the home team lost the script and some crucial extras, added to some careless overthrows, took the total to 47 all out, without a single boundary from the bat!
And so Lemuel Pemberton told his young guards that it was a small total and they just had to bat sensibly.
‘Watch the ball and run the runs, but don’t get run out,’ he warned.
First ball up, Carlton Pluck stylishly stroked the ball through the offside and was off for an easy single.
A slight fumble and his partner, Carlon Ferdinand, called him through for a second run.
That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.
He was run out by a mile!
Then the procession started.
The JLPS batsmen seemed to be coming back quicker than they got in.
The cheer leaders suddenly went silent, as the procession continued. The only thing missing was the hearse from Elliot’s funeral home, as the wickets rapidly chased down the runs.
The JLPS team was unceremoniously bowled out for 14 runs.
As the teams exchanged handshakes, the Mayor added a touch of comfort for the home team:
‘You just have to go back to the drawing board!’
The action moves to the ET Willet Park today, Friday 21st June, when at 10 am Maude Cross Prep will take on EPPS and at 2.30, in what is expected to be a ring-dinger, Charlestown Primary engages Ivor Walters Primary.

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