Statement by the Right Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil L. Douglas, in response to the death of Shante Claxton

I once again extend to the family of Shante Claxton my heartfelt condolences at the sudden and tragic loss of their young daughter.

These sentiments, of course, have already been shared privately and directly, but I now call upon every single person who might have the slightest bit of information or insight as to what might have happened, no matter where you may reside in the Federation, to invest yourself fully and completely in the effort to identify, apprehend, and capture the person or persons who committed this unspeakable act.

It is not only Shante and her family who have been harmed. The entire nation has been harmed by this horrific act and we must not rest until the perpetrator – or perpetrators – is no longer walking among us.

Our National Security personnel are asking all of the pertinent questions…..examining all possible scenarios…..pursuing every conceivable angle. You have been told time and again that the battle against crime is not a matter for the police only….that the community, too, must play its part. Never will you need to understand and act on this point more than right now – on this case.

We cannot go about our lives as we normally do.

Not even for one moment can we afford to let what happened to Shante Claxton out of our minds.

This is a moment when we must – from St. Paul’s to Gingerland – think, and feel, and act as one.

Our humanity, as a people, demands it.

May the soul of Shante Claxton be forever blessed by God’s love and mercy.

Thank you.

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