Stedroy Pemberton Wins Big At Fishing Tournament

By: Curtis Morton

The second annual sports fishing tournament hosted by the Hanley’s Road Community Group, was held on Monday, May 4, 2015.

Some 7 boats pushed out from the central point at ‘Dog Bay’ at about 5:30 a.m.; while three others pushed out from Charlestown and one from Oualie Beach.

The fishermen returned with their catch just around 4:00 p.m. and created much excitement for the large crowd on hand.

Last year’s winner ‘Slammer’ noted that he had a bad day and failed to defend his championship trophy with a catch of only 28 fishes.

A portion of Stedroy Pemberton's catch
A portion of Stedroy Pemberton’s catch

The champion of the day was the team headed by Captain Stedroy ‘Gargu’ Pemberton with the boat Mv Kimoy.

The overall results were as follows:

Largest fish—16 and half inches- Stedroy GARGU Pemberton—MV KIMOY
2nd place—16 inches—Eric Stapleton—MAMA DOVE
3rd place—15inches—Allister Webbe—PERSEVERANCE

Highest number of pounds—68 pounds—MV KIMOY-Stedroy GARGU Pemberton
2nd place—51 pounds-MV Maureen—Everton TEDDY Chapman
3rd place—39 pounds—MAMAM DOVE-Eric Stapleton

Most Fish– MV KIMOY—136 fish—Stedroy GARGU Pemberton
2nd place-MV MAUREEN— 109 fish–Everton TEDDY Chapman
3rd place—MV FAITH—84 fish—Shuric Merchant

Largest fish–$200.00 and a trophy
2nd –$100.00
3rd –$50.00

Highest number of pounds—$500.00, a trophy and a voucher
2nd –$300.00
3rd –$100.00

Most fish-winner-$1000.00 and trophy and voucher
2nd- $750.00
3rd- $500.00

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