It was always billed to be a ‘must see’ and depending on who you spoke to, one team or the other, was in for a severe whipping.

The players from BA Stoney Grove Strikers and the SL Horsfords Highlights drew the battle lines on the evening of Saturday 5th February.

The crowd was not quite capacity, but it was getting there.

The players did not disappoint.

From the outset, there was a conspicuous level of intensity as   both teams showed clear intent to score.

There were some dazzling plays and some missed opportunities, which all lent to the electric atmosphere and then it happened.

One of the Stoney Grove Strikers capitalized on a defensive error by the Highlights team and bombed one home, much to the jubilation of their fan base.

The first half ended with the score line 1 goal to nil with the Stoney Grove men holding on to their lead for dear life.

The second half was even more tense, as the Stoney Grove men seemed caught between a rock and a hard place, in making up their minds if they should defend their slender lead, or strive to score more goals.

Highlights on the other hand, expressed themselves freely, as they strove time after time towards the opposing goal but ‘Dapper’ Lawrence and his men, held the fort firmly and at the final whistle, the score remained 1 goal to nil, in favour of the Stoney Grove team.

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