Stormy Day On Nevis

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- The Meteorological office in Nevis, confirmed on Monday 17th April, that the island was heavily affected by what was referred to, as a low surface trough, which impacted the island throughout the day.

Heavy rains and intermittent showers poured down on the island, from during the early morning hours, through to the early evening hours.

Although there was no severe damage reported, the effects of the poor weather conditions, were visible, at certain points on the island.

There was evidence of a mini landslide around the bend at Fenton Hill and areas of Clay Ghaut were flooded.

The MET office also sent out an advisory, urging persons to stay away from the beaches for the next few days, as sea swells were expected to reach a high of up to 9 feet.

Persons living in flood prone areas, were also asked to take the necessary precautions.

Tuesday 18th April was forecasted to be a much better day, although cloudy in nature, with more showers expected, of lower intensity.

Many of the activities planned for that holiday, had to be cancelled.

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