Students Whipped Teachers at CSS

By:Curtis Morton

The teachers came out in their numbers and they had an entire cheer-leading crew, led by the vivacious Teacher Nichola.

It was the Teachers versus students Football game, held at the Villa grounds in Charlestown on Wednesday 17th February.
The teachers scored first much to the joy of the cheer leaders. Then the school boys; then the school boys; then the Teachers found the back of the net again; then the school boys; then the schoolboys; then the Teachers scored their third goal and the schoolboys rounded it off with another goal.

5 goals to 3, was the eventual total, in favour of the school boys.
The action became so frenetic that the cheer leaders took off some of the guys and the gals took over the field of play. Headmaster Eliot even joined in the fray, towards the end l of the game.

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