Swimming Development Program Going Well

On Wednesday 10th August, professional swim coach, Yash Daryanani, gave an update on the progress of the youthful swimmers who are training for a regional swimming competition in St. Lucia, later this year.

He indicated that all of the swimmers have increased their speeds and stamina quite impressively.

They even had two simulation races within the last week and all showed improvements in their respective times, during the last race.

Even after Yash returns home, he will still be monitoring the swimmers, even though he has trained Coaches who will have ‘hands-on’ interactions with the youngsters, he will receive regular updates, including video footage and will interact with the coaches and swimmers via zoom and WhatsApp.

The local coaches Eldon Thomas, James Weeks and Ned Lestrade, all lauded the efforts of Coach Yash and pointed to the fact that even though it was a task that takes a lot of effort and sacrifice, they are happy to see the young swimmers develop and get better at the sport.

Some of the swimmers also expressed their gratitude to the coaches and all pointed to the fact that their swimming skills have improved tremendously.

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