TDC/Runako Morton Primary Schools’ Cricket Championship 2018 Launched

Curtis Morton

A brief ceremony was held at the ET Willet Park on Thursday 14th June.

The ceremony which was ably chaired by Cricket Coach, Carl Tuckett, featured the launch of the 2018 TDC/Runako Morton Primary Schools’ Cricket tournament.

Mr. Tuckett welcomed the schools represented and the TDC representative and Chief Accountant, at the Nevis office, Mr. Warren Moving.

He pointed out that there were six teams vying for championship honours his year and wished all of the schools well.

Also giving remarks, was newly appointed Deputy Director at the Sports Department, Mr. Brian Dowe, who noted that TDC would have been on board with the tournament for many years and expressed gratitude on behalf of his Department for their kind sponsorship.

He also had warm words of appreciation for the role being played by the Education Department, in making the tournament a success story, over the years.

He hoped that ‘the best team,’ would win and asked the players to respect each other and the umpires.


TDC rep, Mr. Warren Moving, then used the opportunity to emphasize that Cricket is more than a game and that it effectively will help in boosting the morale of the players and ensure that they develop into positive individuals.

He assured those listening that his company plans to continue to sponsor the tournament ‘way into the future.’

Messrs. Moving and Dowe, were then given the privilege to pull papers from a bag, effectively making the draw for the two zones. The results were as follows:

Zone A: CPS; JLPS and VOJN

Zone B: IWPS; St. Thomas’ and EPPS

The proposed venues are the ET Willet Park; VOJN and Hard Times. There is also a possibility for some matches to be played at Ramsbury and Brown Hill.


The first match is now set for Friday 22nd June at the ET Willet Park.

Outstanding awards will be given to the man of the match, after each game and at the end of the tournament, the following will be determined:

Batsman with the most runs; bowler with the most wickets; best wicketkeeper; second placed team and the champion team

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