It was the follow up event after the very exciting Culturama Fit games event and David Walwyn and his hard working team had solicited the assistance of local coaches, Kurvin Wallace and Eddy Richards-Caines, to make it just as exciting as the previous event.

It was fittingly dubbed ‘The back to school Fit games’ and focused mainly on the involvement of children and by extension, their family members, as they stay physically fit and as they gear up for another taxing term of school in September.

Some seven teams featuring children of primary and early secondary school ages, competed vigorously against each other and thoroughly entertained the spectators on hand.

At the end of the event, the purple team was adjudged the winner, having completed the testing course in just over 8 minutes.

The top placers were as follows:

1st Purple-8.05 mins

2nd Yellow –8.38 mins

3rd Green-9.28 mins

The other participating teams were: Orange, Red, White and Blue.

Three senior teams also competed against each other and Team Extreme emerged as the winner, with Team ‘By the Breath,’ copping second place and Team fit, placing third.

The FIT Game site at Bath Plain is expected to be the venue for some more regular meets which promise to be innovative and exciting.

The sporting public awaits the next event with baited breaths.

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