Team UNITY’s Hon. Eugene Hamilton delivers unprecedented

The Hon. Eugene Hamilton has done it yet again and once again in record fashion. The now two term parliamentarian won the Constituency#8 seat in record-breaking style by amassing an unprecedented 2384 Votes. The most votes ever delivered by a Politician in the history of St.Kitts-Nevis politics.

Hamilton achieved the unprecedented feat by trouncing his opponent the Labour/NRP Candidate Dr.Terrance Drew by 250 plus votes. Drew was heavily touted as the next leader of the Labour/NRP ONENESS Alliance.

According to unofficial reports Hamilton increased his vote count significantly in each of the polling stations in Constituency 8. He won Cayon by almost 700 votes and won the Keys Village box for the first time ever. In 2013 he challenged the Conaree Village to deliver 400 plus votes for Team UNITY and they did just that as Hamilton won that box by well over 100 votes with a 400 plus vote count. In St.Peters Hamilton increased his vote count there by over 200 votes.

By any stretch of the imagination it was an impressive victory for Hon. Hamilton. He delivered a knock-out punch to who many saw as Douglas’ most formidable Springtime candidate.

The Deputy Leader of PAM Hamilton, is a much respected and trusted member of Team UNITY. On Sunday February 22nd he was announced as the Minister responsible for a plethora of Ministries including Agriculture, Health, National Health Insurance, Human Settlement, Community Development, Gender Affairs, Social Services, Cooperatives and Land.

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