Tennis Camp Climaxes

Friday afternoon, 27th July, the one week Tennis program hosted by the Youth and Sports department and coordinated by the Tennis pro at the Four Seasons resort, climaxed.
The brief ceremony was chaired by Sports Department Coach, Kelvin Bramble who thanked the Four Seasons resort for once again loaning their facilities and their Tennis Pro, Mr, David Wilson in teaching the children the basics of the game.
He also thanked Mr. Anthony Webbe who ably assisted Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson said thanks to the NIA for allowing the children to be part of the program and gave a brief overview and indicated that the children were taught the very basics of the game with an intention of getting them excited about the sport. He stated quite categorically, that for his many years of interacting with children in similar programs, this bunch of children was the best that he had to deal with so far.
Also addressing the gathering was Deputy Director of the Sports Department, Mr. Brian Dowe, who registered his thanks to the Resort and tyebw=two coaches and opined that one day, this may result in the production of several more Federers and Venus Williams’

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