Tennis : JW Parry Former Doubles Champ on Nevis

In a recent interview with NTV Sports page, former Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Walcott Parry, spoke fondly of his love for the game of Lawn Tennis.

He reminisced on the days when there was an active club on Nevis and the members engaged in friendly competitions.

He and Oldando Sargeant, dominated the court, to become the doubles champions of Nevis.

In the early stages of the introduction of the game to Nevis, it was exclusive to the elite of society.

Played at a court located at the Government House, only the specially invited guests, to the regularly held tea parties, attired in white, were privileged to play the game.

Later a Lawn Tennis Association was formed and the members played at the court located next to Pinneys Hotel.

There is where Mr. Parry, crafted his skills, watching persons such as Mrs. Marjorie Morton, who was an excellent player.

The outstanding player at the time, however, was Earl JIMMY SWING Parris, who acted as a ball boy at the tea parties at Government House and took the opportunity to learn the game in the process.

Mr. Parry noted that he was head and shoulders above everyone else.

In terms of the further development of the game on the island, he is adamant that it has to be taught from the grassroots level, right through the preschools and primary schools, as the children are currently not showing real interest in sports at this time.

‘The mindset has to be changed,’ he opined.

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