The 5th Edition of the Half Island Run Relay {SKN Moves Press Conference)

The SKN Moves Nevis Chapter hosted a press conference on Wednesday 28th February, at the Communications Conference room in Charlestown.

Chief coordinator, Shelagh James, chaired the proceedings and proceeded to share information about two upcoming activities in March.

The 5th Edition of the Half Island Run Relay is slated to take place on Saturday 23rd March 2024. Start time is 6 am from Dicks bar in Brick Kiln.

The route for road relay (start at Brick Kiln Dicks Bar to Esme’s bar in Butlers, to Fothergills, to Market Shop, to Brown Hill Gap bus stop and finish at F.I.T Wellness Grounds for refreshments and awards presentation.

The event is sponsored by The Ministry of Health partnering with Nevis spring water prizes will take the form of a lucky dip, divided three ways to accommodate first second and third place teams.

Trophies for the top three teams will be sponsored by the Ministry of Health. Certificates, rosettes and medals will be sponsored by the SKN Moves Nevis chapter.

Refreshments will be provided by Cool Blendz.
Water on tap from Nevis Spring water.

Registration fees are $25.00 EC per individual entrant a team of five registration is $125.00

The dress code for this event– t-shirt, shorts, tracksuit leggings a good pair of running shoes, a towel, suncream and water bottle and a will to complete your leg with a smile.

Our gift sponsors for this event: are Sherries Beauty World, Pemberton’s Gift, and Card Shop. Zanzi Bar, Turtle Time, TDC, Passions, Cool Blendz, Fit Wellness Center, health promotion unit, Bodies and phenomenal spa. The organizers expect two more confirmations.

Registration is now open. The deadline for registration is Friday 15th March 2024.

The third event for 2024 is a brand-new event the 5k Bike relay sprint.

This will take place on Sunday 31st March.

The route is from the start base of the TDC car park in Charlestown, cycle up Hunkins Drive and continue past the old Artisan village or the cholera cemetery, continue on the route towards the Four Seasons resort hotel, at the hairpin bend and take a sharp turn and return to the TDC carpark, passing the catholic church and following through to the Simeon Daniels Bust and hand over to the next competitor in the TDC carpark.

There will be three persons per team. Each team will be sponsored by a company which means the team will wear t shirts which will embellish the name of the company plus the medals, the rosettes and certificates.

Trophies will be provided by the Ministry of Health SKN moves Nevis Chapter. Each sponsor will make the presentation to their assigned teams.

The organizers have secured six businesses ready to sponsor a team of three and are awaiting the 7th Sponsor to come through.

So, 6/ 7 teams are needed and they have already secured three teams, with space for 3/4 more teams.

Team captains will be asked to take part in the live draw to identify which company will sponsor their team We are looking at Friday 15th March to conduct the draw live.

Each team member is expected to complete one lap of 5k before handing over to their team member.

The sponsors for this event are the Ministry of Health, Winston Crooke of Bike Nevis, and Nevis Spring Water.
Registration is now open deadline for registration is Friday 22nd March 2024.

Registration fees are $25.00 EC per individual entrant a team of three registration is $75.00.

All present at the press conference, were Assistant Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Ms. Latoya Jeffers and Mr. Dejon Liburd, a committee member.

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