The Bell Has Been Rung

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown –Nevis-The long awaited ringing of the proverbial bell, occurred at Church ground, on Thursday night-30th November.

At a meeting of the incumbent CCM party, held at the home base of late area representative, Malcolm Guishard, Premier Vance Amory, made the much anticipated announcement.

He stated that he had spoken with the Governor General and advised that nominations day will be the 11th December and the date of the elections for Nevis, will be Monday 18th December.

This announcement was received with much cheering and shouting by the hundreds of the party’s supporters on hand.

Prior to the grand announcement, the party’s candidates for the upcoming elections, all addressed the gathering, including ‘new kid on the block,’ Mr. Eric Evelyn, who has replaced the Premier in the St. George’s constituency, as the candidate.

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