The Digicel Kickstart Clinics Visits Anguilla for the First Time

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 – Kingston, Jamaica: Aspiring young footballers from across Anguilla showcased their footballing skills when the Digicel Kickstart Clinics visited the island for the first time.

The Clinic was a huge success with 30 young footballers taking part in a two-day training session hosted by Chelsea FC Foundation coaches. The young players were enthusiastic and open to learn the different styles and techniques taught by the Chelsea FC Foundation coaches.

Senior International Football Development Officer and Digicel Kickstart Clinics Head Coach, David Monk said; “The boys came out with an attitude like none other. They were energetic and enthusiastic to learn. They absorbed the information like a sponge and displayed it on the field as if it were second nature. I was impressed!”

Digicel Anguilla Head of Commercial, Kerchelle Jn Charles, said; “While Anguilla is a small island, in terms of sports, and with the support of the Digicel Kickstart programme, it is on a great path to developing its aspiring young footballers, both on and off the pitch.

Anguilla Football Federation also tipped its hat to the Digicel Kickstart Clinic, which had a tremendous effect on the footballers, and coaches who participated. The Clinic gave players and coaches a chance to teach a host of new footballing skills to pass on and develop the sport.

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