The Tradition Continues

Charlestown-Nevis- Well known Captain of the MV Sea Hustler, Mr. Winston Skeete, continued his age old tradition on Tuesday 1st August, as he paused with his passengers at the site of the sinking of the MV Christena.

On this day, he was not at the helm of the Sea Hustle, as that vessel is currently having some engine problems. He was at the helm of the MV Lady B.

For a few brief moments, the passengers were able to take photographs of the wreath that he had placed there since the previous afternoon, as has been his tradition for many years, since the boat sank on August 1st 1970.

Persons were able to reminisce and speak about the major disaster which affected the entire population of St.Kitts and Nevis in a huge way.

A much more youthful Skeete was one of the boatmen who were early at the scene of the incident, to assist in the rescue efforts, on that fateful afternoon.

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