The VOJN Primary School says farewell to ten graduates

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Charles the Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls (VOJN), Primary School held its Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony on Thursday, July 02, 2015.

Adopting the theme, ‘A positive attitude- the criterion for success’, a total of ten (10) graduants made their way down the aisle of the Combermere Methodist Church; surrounded by parents, teachers and many well-wishers.

The ceremony began with the invocation by Pastor Cumberbatch which was followed by the National Anthem sung by Kierra Liburd.

Mrs. Althea Jones
Mrs. Althea Jones

The proud occasion was chaired by retired teacher, Mrs. Althea Jones. In her opening remarks, Mrs. Jones used the opportunity to congratulate the staff of the school for achieving yet another successful year. She also congratulated the parents and the graduating class of 2015.

As she reflects on the theme, she told the graduating class to surround themselves with positive people because negative people will only bring them down.

“As you go through life don’t expect negative and failure would not come, they would come, but ‘positive thinking’ would give you the opportunity to overcome any obstacle and challenges you may face”, she stated.

She concluded, “Keep focused and believe in yourself, only you can do that”.

Education Officer, Mrs. Ilena Mills gave brief remarks on behalf of the Department of Education. Mrs. Mills congratulated the principal, staff, students, parents and graduants on their graduation ceremony. She commended the school on its achievements acquired throughout the year; and she applauded them for the results gained in the recent Test of Standards.

She admonished the students to act responsibly, to be accountable for their actions, to always work hard and never give up.

She also encouraged the graduating class to adhere to their teachers, parents, grandparents, senior community individuals who are positive role models. “A positive attitude guaranteed success no matter where you go”’ she stated.

Mrs. Mills noted, “As you journey to High School don’t be isolated- interact with your peers. Have positive peers, adhere to the teachers instructions, obey the school rules, work hard and stay committed to the task”.

Principle, Mrs. Shea
Principal, Mrs. Shea Wilkin

In delivering the school’s 2015 annual School Report, Principal, Mrs. Shea Wilkin told those in attendance that she was very proud of what the school had accomplished over the past year. She congratulated Peter Charles for his achievements in the recent Test of Standards examinations. She also acknowledged the other students for their accomplishments.

She reminded the students to always remember the quotes from their primary school song, ‘Only the best is good enough, nothing else would do’.

The Principal thanked the teachers and parents for their continued support and dedication. To the parents, she advised them to be their children’s best friend, but to also know where to draw the line.

Mr. Lynell Nolan delivered the keynote address. His speech highlighted the importance of setting goals. He told the graduating class that persons with goals will always succeed because they know where they are going; and they know what they want to become. He encouraged them to keep focused and to work smart.

Student of the school, Peter Charles received valedictory honors. He told his classmates to always be mindful of where they came from and to keep their eyes on the price.

Mr. Frankie Griffin made remarks on behalf of the parents.

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