The Way I See It.

The way I see it, there are still some very nice people in the world.

Recently, Cricket lovers on Nevis would have been placed in a dilemma: The 2017 edition of the Leeward Islands 50 overs tournament is ongoing and all of the matches, due to financial constraints, are being played in Antigua.

That means that Nevisians would for the most part, will only get the match reports on the performances of their team and would not be able to assess how well the players really played.

So, as I have done over the last umpteen years, I volunteered to go and video record the St.Kitts v Nevis game, so that we here in the federation could see how well our teams are doing.

Mr. Ernie France and his TDC group of companies took up the challenge and sponsored me a ticket to Antigua, in order to cover the game.

One of my bosses, Miss D. Michelle Liburd, along with Shelly Liburd and the staff there at the Ministry of Social Development, made arrangements for me to get over to St.Kitts, early enough to board the flight and they took care of my return trip by boat, as well.

It is not every time you travel, that things go well but thank God, the trip was basically without incidents.

Clevin and his Black fin crew took care of me from the 6 am trip from Oualie to the return trip from Reggae Beach at 6.30 pm. Those guys are simply great.

The guys of the Sea Moss taxi service in St.Kitts were professional and the airline officials were decent and cordial and I checked in and boarded a LIAT flight, which was pleasantly ON TIME.

When I got to Antigua, I paid a taxi to take me to the Sir Vivian Richards stadium and en route, was allowed by the elderly Taxi driver to buy a quick breakfast.

I arrived at the stadium in time to set up the camera for the first ball, bowled by Nelson Bolan, which unfortunately resulted in spilt catch.

I was also able to interact with the members of the Nevis team and Manager Somersall even brought me lunch.

Well I newa!

I also met Runako’s brother Tyrone for the first time and interacted with old buddies like Percy Daniel and Hugh Gore.

Hugh Gore was telling someone: ‘That’s me buddy, we go way back.”

We really go way back. I first saw Hugh Gore at Grove Park when Andy Roberts was bowling bouncers at our Nevisian batsmen and Hugh was coming in from the other end, bowling the occasional beamers.

We got formally introduced in Barbados in January 1994, when I was given a ticket to cover the Leewards v Barbados game, with no arrangements for accommodation, nor meals but I went, in Jesus’ name.

A kind Seventh day Adventist family took me in; provided meals and transportation; took me to church on the Sabbath day and just took great care of me. All because, I had met the man of the house in Nevis a couple years prior, saw he needed a lift and transported him to his destination, free of cost and thought nothing of it. He told me when he was leaving that if I ever landed in Barbados, that I must call him.

I did not pay that any mind, as I did not believe I would be going to Barbados —–until I was given the ticket and I only called him ‘out of so,’ thinking that he had already forgotten me. The man was elated when he heard I was coming and he and his family took great care of me.

So, that was the game when Clifford BOMBO Walwyn made his debut for the Leewards and the Bajan pacers (Cummins, Drakes and especially Reid), had our guys bobbing and weaving.

So when BOMBO went out to bat without hat nor helmet, with his shaved head glistening in the sunlight, one commentator in an amazed voice, mistakenly said: ‘He has gone to the crease HEADLESS!’

BOMBO then proceeded to cut and pull those Bajan speedsters as if he was facing up to a second division team in Nevis.

Hugh was amazed when I told him that on my return trip from Barbados, the flight was delayed and so I missed my connecting flight in Antigua. The airline did not put us up for the night and because I was dead broke, I could not afford a guest house and seeing some other folks bunk down at the airport on the floor, I proceeded to the same, carefully placing my camera bag under my head, so that it could not be stolen while I slept.

After all, I was carrying gold: Apart from BOMBO’S fantastic knock (47), Stuart had made an excellent century (157); Keith Arthurton had made 58; JABADAR had made 12 and I was happy to be taking it back the highlights for Nevisian cricket lovers to see.

As I arrived in Charlestown, heading home, tired and hungry, one fella shouted at me: “Ah hear you went Barbados. Ah hope ah going see Stuart hundred tonight.”

Well I newa!

And so Hugh had no problem volunteering to take me to the airport, well after checking in time, as I tried to get as much of the match as possible. He drove the back way to avoid the heavy traffic and waited at the airport to make sure that I was allowed to get on, because he was saying he may have to put me up for the night.

So yes, there are still some great people in the world. Despite the despair and troublesome times, there are still some nice people out there. What we have to strive to do though, is to ensure that we are numbered among the nice people and even go beyond that and give our hearts to God and live to please him. That is because, based on my study of God’s word, a lot of NICE people, still gonna end up in hell. So NICE is not good enough. We need to strive for the ultimate and that is, obedience to God’s will and way.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?


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