The way I see it

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, it is nice to have your own means of transportation. Last week had its horrible moments. Chief among them was the fact that an electrical pole hit my vehicle from behind.

Well, put it this way: I was heading to video record a program and when I got to the venue, there were a lot of vehicles around and I got jammed up.

At the same time, I got a call and had to leave. As soon as I saw a litte space, I put in a speedy reverse to get out of there.

I saw the electrical pole but I am convinced that I stopped a good way from it and I don’t believe anyone can tell me that that pole did not move forward and lash my vehicle.

Boy, I heard a loud ‘BAM!’

Well I newa!

Embarrassed, I came out of the vehicle and looked at the conspicuous dent and drove off, knowing that I had to go and look for my mechanic who is one of the best body works guys on the island.

And so on Monday of this week, I had to leave the vehicle at the garage for the repairs to be completed and so I was without my own means of transportation.

Well, I caught a bus to town. That was okay but later I had occasion to go to Island Tyres to purchase something, for some work being done at my office.

First to commence, I saw one of my fellow employees within the Ministry parking up in town and begged for a quick drop to Island Tyres.

Her response was: “Everybody always begging a lift!”

I told her not to bother and I walked on.

Then I saw a passenger bus and stopped it.

When I got to Island Tyres and I pulled out a dollar from my pocket but is like something told me to ask ‘how much?’

The response I got almost gave me a heart attack.

The driver said $2.50.

Poor me aint travel on public transport for so long that I was not aware that even the shortest rides now cost $2.50.

Well I newa!

I decided to catch another bus, as the stuff I had bought were needed with some urgency. I waited for about fifteen minutes at the bus stop and all of the passenger buses that passed by, were going in the opposite direction!

Quite a number of private vehicles passed by and I was acutely reminded that Nevis people are very polite.

If it is one thing I can say, is that the majority of them, pipped their horns politely to me as they passed by, but not a single one of them stopped to offer me a lift!

I decided to start walking and when I got as far as Powell’s garage, thankfully, Jervan Swanston stopped to offer me a drop into town. I was indeed grateful to him.

The experience was instructive in many ways.

We must help others whenever we can and not with any ulterior motive in mind. Just help whenever God provides the opportunity, because he is the one who loaned you the breath of life and he is the one who provided a means of transportation for you and keeps you safe as you drive it.

Also, whenever possible, a little exercise won’t hurt. We should walk as much as we can, because it would only enhance our health and finally don’t be angry with anyone who don’t offer you a lift in their vehicle. There may be many reasons why they did not and so you just have to be thankful for whatever you receive and give God the praise anyway.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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