The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, I equate POLITICS to the game of Cricket and the more I examine it, the more I am convinced.

So, as a Sports Journalist, I think that it is my sacred duty to give a preview of an exciting one day international match to be held in Nevis on Monday 18th December.

And so folks it promises to be an exciting one day match scheduled for Nevis, on Monday 18th December.

The two teams in focus will be the CONCERNED CITIZENS MOVEMENT (CCM) AND THE Nevis Reformation Party (NRP).

Tickets are virtually booked out for all of the stands and apart from the local spectators, many are being flown in from overseas, in order to witness the game first hand.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Elvin Bailey who is incidentally wearing three hats (Third umpire; Match referee and head of the commentary team), has indicated that more than 11,000 persons are expected to fill the 34 stands at the venue.

The CCM team won the last encounter and they have a very good looking team on paper.

Captain and long serving opening batsman, Vance Amory has decided to step down and officially retire, ahead of the encounter.

He has batted long and hard and actually leaves the crease, officially not out or retired out.

His replacement is the debutant at this level, Eric Evelyn who has batted very well at the club level but spectators are waiting to see if he can transform that kind of form to the higher level.

He will be taking first strike from the fiery fast bowler, Cory Tyson, off his long run and he can expect a few snorters and a few fielders close in under his bat.

It makes for an intriguing contest. Spectators are urged to go to the Park early to see the first ball bowled, as it will not be viewed live on television.

Television coverage will only click in later in the evening, when chief commentator, Elvin Bailey, gives the match summary.

In other words, if you truly want to experience the match, you cannot just stay at home and listen the summary. You have to come out and support one of the teams.

There is another interesting contest that makes for interesting viewing. The Roy Federicks styled Alexis Jeffers, has batted well and aggressively in previous seasons and has scored highly and seems to have a full array of shots.

However, he will be facing the bowling of the debutant for NRP, Virgil Browne.

Browne is a wily left arm leg spinner, who has a good track record at the regional level and may have even been touted for a selection to the West Indies senior team, at one time.

He gives the ball a good rip with the leg break and has a good faster delivery. He comes highly recommended by such esteemed persons as Sir Curtly Ambrose and Sir Richie Richardson, among others.

However, the CCM supporters are confident that Jeffers will flay his bowing to all parts of the field.

Well I newa!

Another battle to be watched closely is the matchup between NRP’s Robelto Hector and CCM’s Spencer Brand.

Hector is an established and seasoned all-rounder, something in the mould of Ian Botham and would have gotten the better of his previous face offs with Brand.

However, Brand needs to be watched carefully. He does not seem to spin the ball very much, but has a deceptive slower ball and so you just never know.

Then there is the matchup between NRP’s captain, Joseph WALCOT Parry and CCM’s Keith Scarborough. Parry, like former Captain of CCM, Amory, has batted unbeaten up to this point and has an established track record as a hard hitting batsman who scores hundreds, virtually at will.

However, medium fast bowler Keith Scarborough, is said to have put on a few more yards and has lengthened his run up.

He has done fairly well at club Cricket, but is yet to establish himself at the higher level. He however, is saying that he might just get a few to lift on the experienced Parry, that he may not be able to control when he hooks.

And the real belter, which everyone will be watching, is the batsman and leg spinning allrounder and new captain of the CCM team, Mark Brantley, as he once again faces off with his old rival, Hensley Daniel, of the NRP.

The CCM supporters are saying that just like Virat Kholi who seemed to get better after he took over the reins of captaining the Indian side, so too will Brantley.

However, Daniel himself is a seasoned all-rounder. A hard hitting batsman, who bowls a decent medium pace.

These two have had many epic and breath taking battles. The spectators will be watching with bated breaths.

And so, the battle lines are well and truly drawn.

Both teams will spend much time and money over this weekend to advertise the match throughout the length and breath of Nevis

All I ask of the good folks of Nevis, is for them to come out to witness the match and to be on their best behaviour.

By the way, thankfully, no liquor will be sold on the grounds on that day and any offenders will be prosecuted.

The match starts promptly at 6 am and I plan to be there right early, with the cameras rolling.

I may even get the opportunity to interview the winning captain…

However, one thing we need to do, is to allow God to guide our decision making and whatever transpires, let us think NEVIS and the good of Nevis, once the match is over.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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