By Curtis Morton

The way I see it, the sports term and the resulting excitement that it creates, is the epitome of Nevisian living and ought to set the precedence for how we exist with each other.

As I watch the children striving to excel on the track during this sports term, cannot help but make a few observations:

  • The tiny tots are normally thoroughly enjoying themselves and it is only some of the parents who are fretting up themselves and taking the fun out of the races, with their curse words and ‘win at all cost’ attitude. Some parents have also set a rather dangerous trend: I have heard parents promise children specific treats, if they were to win a particular race. On the contrary, I have heard one or two parents, threaten their children with punishment, if they don’t perform well.
  • At these meets, there are no political draw backs: Known supporters of opposing parties are seeing laughing and talking together and supporting the same athlete and in some cases, the same house.

Well I newa!

  • Some of the older boys and girls have already developed an attitude. The way some of them react when they lose a race is appalling.

Now, openly crying when you lose a race could probably be interpreted in one of two ways: Either you are really disappointed you lost, after giving of your all and pledging to try even harder in the next event or bawling because you are seeing the promised treat, go down the drain, with your loss?

  • I have seen family members from other families assist and encourage children who are not directly related to them.

Now that is the Nevis in which I grew up. When families looked out for each other and there was a sense of caring and sharing.

Nowadays, I am seeing too many angry faces and people getting upset for the simplest of things.

We need to be able to put our faces in a more pleasant manner and literally laugh out loud sometimes.

The bible refers to laughter as a MEDICENE. How appropriate!

Anyone who was at the Jocelyn Liburd Primary School’s sports meet on Thursday last and did not get a good laugh, then their laugh box mash up and needs urgent repairs.

The classic of the day was that a PIG of all creatures, found its way onto the track.

But that’s not all. The pig went in the vicinity of the starting point for the 100 meters and ran down the track towards the finish line, literally staying in its lane!

Now if I had not seen it for myself, Me and all would ah say me lie!

Now some people who are superstitious believe that it is some kind of an omen, as we look towards the much anticipated Interprimary meet.

Others jest that the JLPS may have found a new mascot: Instead of the SUPERCHIC-maybe a pig will do!

For what it was worth, tut, mum, Sam and bagi, had a good, hearty laugh.

And so, as the sports meets continue, let us relax our faces; smile awhile; laugh for things that are clean and funny (not saying the pig is clean eh).

Enjoy life with persons of opposing views-political, religious or otherwise and just have good, clean fun, in Jesus’ name!

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?


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