The Way I See It

The way I see it, we need to thank God every day when he calls us back to life, after a night’s sleep and more than that, find ourselves in our right minds.

There are too many persons within our community who are not totally thinking straight and the scary thing about it is, when we deteriorate to such a state, the devil wins.

You see, you cannot make a right decision to serve God, unless you are IN YOUR RIGHT MIND.

So, the devil will bring all kinds of stresses and tribulations into our lives and if we do not handle them well, they could indeed send us OFF OUR ROCKERS.

I recently visited someone who is sick and when I made mention that I did not know that the person was ill, the person responded that she was not ill and that she was wondering why they had her there, as if she was sick.

Later I discovered that she was not thinking straight.

Well I newa!

I have learnt that there is a comparison drawn by Psychologists, to show the difference between SANE persons and persons considered to be INSANE.

According to their research, the margin is CLOSE!

They claim that the sane persons can be compared to people standing right at the edge of a cliff and the insane ones, are those who have already toppled over the cliff.

It therefore stands to reason, that it will not take much to get those of us who think we are sane, to topple over the cliff!

One dishonest spouse; one major financial loss; the loss of a job; a loved one with a terminal illness…..

You name it.

It is therefore cortical, the manner in which we deal with these crises in our lives—and they will come.

I recommend that as the burdens come, we shift them to our God almighty-Jesus!

He is the ultimate burden bearer and if we try to lift up all of these burdens, my grandma used to say, we will get BAMANCU.

I was reminded of this in an acute way this week.

Some time ago, I told you that one of the guys who we consider to be CRAZY and who is normally seen in town, had a habit of referring to me as ‘MR. Moore.’

Normally when he did that, the next thing would be a request for money. There were times that I gave and at other times I gave not.

Seems like he was displeased with the ‘gave not ‘ times and one day when I greeted him he swore at me and told me not to call him anymore.

I made a mistake some weeks after and raised my hand (as I usually do), in salutation and he gave me another barrage of swear words.

Since then, many months after, I have tried my utmost to avoid him. When I see him on one side walk, I shift to the other.

However, this week, he approached me and said he would like to speak to me. I was shocked, as you can well imagine-probably even a little nervous.

‘When you get the chance, I have something to discuss with you,’ he said bluntly.

I said ‘okay,’ and walked on.

On Thursday however, he greeted me again and said ‘you remember I had something to discuss with you?’ I said ‘yes.’

‘Well, I am planning to make a movie and I want you to record it!’

Well I newa!

I said ‘okay,’ quite hesitantly, thinking all the time.

‘We will call it ‘Sitting on top of the world,’ he continued and then he walked away.

In retrospect, am trying to figure out what his story line would be and where he would go for me to video record him.

I am thinking that I may be able to get a few minutes for him on NTV but anything more, I am not sure.

The serious thought for us to ponder though, is that we never know how we are going to end up, so we better make the best use of our RIGHT MINDS, now that we are ‘Collective,’ as the old folks used to say.

The best way to go is to give those minds over to Jesus.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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