The Way I See It

The way I see it, Nurses are a very important bunch of persons, within our society—or within any society for that matter.

The service and care they render; the unfathomable hours that they work; the tremendous self-sacrifice that is expended in the performance of their duties and their constant commitment to ‘going beyond the call of duty,’ are unparalleled.

As they climax the celebration of their annual Nurses’ week, I have to say kudos to all of the Nurses.

Big up to you!

However, as is the case in any profession, there are some STRAGGLERS. These are persons who show up to work, but all the while hoping that they will not be assigned any duties or tasks and will use any convenient excuse to get out of performing their role.

From a finger nail being broken to a child being ill.

Well I newa!

Just this week, I was playing in a Cricket match at the famous ETW and using the opportunity to warm up for the upcoming Masters’ Cricket tournament, which starts on 18th May, right here in Nevis.

I dived forward to take a low catch and GROOTED up my hand in the process and the hurtful thing is, that the ball still spilled out!

First aid was rendered on the spot, but the next day, I reported to one of our health care facilities and politely said ‘Good morning,’ to the person on hand, who was incidentally on her phone at the time.

I don’t remember if she responded, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

I told her what was wrong with me and she started to attend to the hand, all the while continuing her conversation on the phone.

When she was placing the plaster over the wound, she wrapped it right around my hand and when I gasped because of the tightness, she said: ‘I did it because you have hair on your hand. It will slacken eventually.’

For that entire day, I was pressured by the tight plaster and wondered if my blood was circulating properly.

When I could not take it anymore, I got rid of the plaster.

The next day, I went by another Health facility and the treatment was so different.

The health care personnel greeted me with a smile and went about changing the dressing.

She was polite, helpful, and efficient and I really believe that Florence Nightingale, would have been justly proud of her.

It reminds me of a case, many moons ago, when Curtis Morton Jr had to be warded for the performance of a minor operation.

I went to visit him and all of the children were playing and the Nurse in charge was seated at her desk, reading.

Suddenly, there was a loud scream and one of the children sped towards the Nurse and made a complaint.

All I heard the Nurse say was: Dig um back!’

Well I newa!

I learnt afterwards, that one of the children had stuck a pointed object into the hand of the child and all that the Nurse could say in response, was: ‘Dig um back.’

Therein lies the difference between having a job and making a meaningful contribution and on the other hand, just showing up for a PAY cheque.

So kudos to all of our dedicated Nurses. Some have made sterling contributions to the development of our twin island federation and we express our sincere congratulations, for their tireless efforts.

Let’s hope that the others who may be slacking and other related staff members, will ‘pull up their socks’ and catch the fever and take a page from the books of our sincere, hardworking Health professionals

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