The Way I See It

The way I see it, every day that Almighty God LENDS us breath, is a blessing and ought not to be taken lightly.
Now you may well wonder what sparked my interest in such a topic, for this week.
Well, on Thursday, I was invited to the Ivor Walters Primary School, to record special presentations being made to honour two of the students there, who had won a significant competition in St. Kitts, against all odds.
Prior to celebrating with the students, Headmistress Richards led the students into a period of devotions.
At one point, maybe because she felt they lacked some form of enthusiasm in their singing, she asked: ‘Aren’t you all happy that God woke you up this morning?’
There was a loud and expected response of ‘yes!’
However, the lone voice of a little boy, was conspicuous with his ‘No.’
Naturally, Mrs. Richards quizzed him as to why he was not happy that God woke him up on that day.
His response was as instructive as it was honest:
‘I wanted to sleep a little longer.’
Well I newa!
Now, we may smile, but on a serious note, that little boy does not realize the depth of his statement.
There are many persons who go to sleep and they not only sleep a little longer—they are still ASLEEP, awaiting the grand call from the life giver.
No siree bob! Life cannot be taken for granted.
The other day, someone told me of a recent death in Nevis and stated that the individual was in conversation with two other persons and just dropped down, just so.
They took it lightly at first, because they thought he was joking.
They soon discovered that they had a dead man on the ground before them.
I had a friend of blessed memory and another friend in recounting her final moments to me, told me that they were both in her kitchen, somewhere in the USA where she resided and they were preparing a meal together and they were talking and laughing and enjoying a great conversation.
They even both talked about returning to Nevis for keeps and building their dream homes and so on.
This other friend had her back turned and they were having the conversation.
She said something at one point and there was no response. She repeated herself and looked back to scold my friend about her not responding and realized quickly that she was staring at a dead women on the floor.
I had an in- law, who was preparing breakfast one morning, when she just collapsed on the floor.
It’s the constant sound of the kettle that attracted attention to her home….
On Thursday as well, I met a lady who I have not seen in ages.
She is always so pleasant and her husband and I always got along very well.
I asked her how she was doing and she said ‘ok.’
I asked about her husband, indicating that I had not seen him in ages and that’s when she shocked me and told me that he has been ill for some time now, to the point that he absolutely cannot help himself.
I was immediately made sad, because I remember him as an ever smiling and approachable individual and a musical genius on the guitar.
I asked her how she was coping and her response was instructive:
‘I am managing. God promised not to give us more than we can bear. I will look after him because if it was me, he would have looked after me well too.”
I hope she did not see the flicker of tears welling up in my eyes.
So, seriously, we don’t know where DEATH is.
Business is so good in Nevis that I understand that a third funeral home is being built on the island, by a St. Kitts based company.
Interestingly, they are setting up shop, right next to the drag race strip. I wonder why.
And so dear reader, because life is so uncertain and due to the fact that we have to give a proper account to the Life giver himself, of our stewardship, let’s live our lives to please God and to help others.
That is the only fulfilling way that our time on earth should be spent and then one day, By God’s grace, we will hear the sweet words: ‘Well done good and faithful servant…’
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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