The Way I See It

The way I see it, so many UNSUNG heroes go to the great beyond, virtually unnoticed.  These are folks who have quietly made their significant bits of contribution, to the welfare of the community and are literally taken for granted.

On Thursday 29th August, a funeral service was held at the Charlestown Seventh Day Adventist church.  Some persons who knew the man and appreciated his tenure on earth, were present at the home going service. Many others would be more interested in what was going on at the nearby ET Willet Park, the T20 Cricket match between the SKN Patriots and the Premier’s X1.

I quietly asked two officials of the Nevis Cricket Association, if they were aware of the passing of this noble son. One was aware and the other was not. I further asked if they were aware of his contribution to local Cricket. One was definitely not aware.

I went on to ask if the Nevis Cricket Association would send representatives to the funeral service and the answer was inevitable ‘no’, as the official was just been made aware of not only his death but also of his contribution to the game. Well I newa!

Noel Archibald Seabrookes, was born on 26th July, 1946 and passed away quietly after an illness, on 22nd August 2019. He was 73 years old.

Interestingly, I got to know him as a Cricket umpire and he would have done many local matches, on behalf of the Nevis Cricket Association.  Most of it was voluntary work,  hard work too, because if you know local cricketers, you know some of us are not too easy to deal with.  So, Umpire Seabrookes would have gotten some ‘serious wud’ when he officiated.  You know some batsmen ‘never out!’

He however stuck to the task and with a generally straight face, but amiable outlook, made his decisions, as best as he saw it.

I would have played in matches in which he officiated and I would have recorded matches in which he officiated and I was always bemused that he was more popularly known as RAT and even more bemused to discover that he actually answered to the name!

In my research on nicknames, many moons ago, I, unfortunately, did not come across that one, or it would have definitely been included in that historic calypso called NICKNAMES.

As a matter of fact, I remember recording a game at the then Grove Park, many years ago and I will always have fond memories of that game.  The two officiating umpires were UMPIRE HOG and UMPIRE RAT and the batsman on strike, was CHICKEN (Ralph SUPERCHICK Allen) Well I newa!

In his later years, Mr. Seabrookes accepted Christ as his Saviour and I would have noticed him many times, just quietly reading his bible.  I also remember one Sabbath school lesson study in the church at Beulah, when he was surprisingly quite vocal, in making his points.

However, I salute his memory and extend condolences to the grieving family.  Nevis has lost a dedicated son and may God see it fit to grant him the rich rewards of eternity.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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