The Way I See It

Nevispages Weekly Feature by Curtis Morton

The way I see it, God has been particularly good to us, here in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Another hurricane season is nearing its end and up to this point, God has spared us and our fair country, any form of serious damage or harm.  A couple of years ago, 2017 to be exact, Hurricane Irma was almost upon us and God diverted it elsewhere and it wreaked havoc in several countries.  The very next week, here comes Hurricane Maria and we once again engaged in PANIC SHOPPING and once again, our dear Lord and Saviour diverted it and it created much havoc elsewhere.

I don’t know about you but during every hurricane season, I exist in a state of high alert and tension.

Of course, I pray and ask God to protect us, but at the back of my mind, I know that we are no better than the other people who have been affected and I am fully aware that one day, our turn will come.  Whenever we hear that there is a storm approaching, we normally, literally clean out the supermarkets and then probably overeat shortly thereafter.

I am again reminded f a good friend of mine, who had lived a fair portion of his teen years in the USA.  So, he was not here in Nevis to experience Hurricane Hugo and the other ensuing storms.  So he resettled in Nevis and shortly after he arrived, there was a storm alert. A hurricane was headed our way.  He decided to impress his wife about his state of readiness and so on his way home, he stopped off at the supermarket and bought a whole lot of things: Case of tuna; case of canned drinks; packs of biscuits; tins of beef – the whole nine yards.

Well I newa!

So when he got home and brought the stuff into the house, expecting to be commended by his wife, she burst his bubble with the simple question:  “You plan to open a supermarket no?’
He was devastated.  Well, we got a bit of a tropical wave gusts and so the rain fell; the wind howled and there were some thunder and lightning, but no hurricane.

Somehow, ‘the boys’ in the village had heard about the new stock of foodstuff at my friend’s home and they came over to play dominoes, while the storm was passing.  By morning, virtually everything was consumed and his wife was as mad as the proverbial hatter!

So, Montserrat had its volcanic eruption in 1995.  Many of our neighbouring islands have since been badly affected by hurricanes in recent times and they are still predicting major earthquakes across the Caribbean and resulting tsunamis.  It is a scary time to be alive, as Jesus gets ready to put in his appearing.

However, it can also be an exciting time to be alive as well.  We have just got to place our trust, fairly and squarely into the hands of God almighty and no matter what comes our way, we will not only be prepared but be willing to accept whatever trials and tribulations we have to go through, with smiles on our faces.  So, even as we are trained to prepare for all forms of disasters, we need to prepare even more urgently for Jesus’ soon return and we will be okay.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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