The Way I See It

A weekly feature by Curtis Morton.

The way I see it, LIFE was meant to be treasured and God wakes us up each morning because he still has a purpose for us.  It is only for us to go and find out what our true purpose is and go and do it with all of our might.

Some people would make sarcastic statements like: ‘I can eat anything and I can drink anything because we all must die anyway…’

Then they would point to someone who was a fitness guru or something and then say: ‘They still dead entit?’

I am putting it to you, dear reader, that most, if not all of the persons who committed suicide, if they could have had a chance to change their minds, they would have.

No matter how bad things may get, NOBODY REALLY WANTS TO DIE.

I have heard of a story that when a particular suicide victim was found, his hand was found reaching back for the rope as if he had changed his mind, mid-stream.

Well I newa!

So, last week, I learnt of the passing of my neighbour, Mrs. Maynard. She did not make it out of the hospital alive.  Then this week I am hearing of the passing of Lea Parris –Cambridge.  She, I considered to be a real friend.

I actually looked forward to conducting interviews with her, when she was in Nevis.  Those interviews were insightful and brought out the selfless nature of the woman.  Here was a woman, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer and she literally asked for a similar diagnosis, so that she could share the experience with her mom.  So said, so done.

But, she was not only there for her Mom. She founded the Pink Lily Breast Cancer Care, which evolved to become the Pink Lily Cancer Care foundation, as she soon expanded her care to all forms of cancer.  She arranged to get treatment for cancer victims; money and support for family members.  More than that, she lived by example. She fought that cancer with every sinew in her frail-looking body.

She changed her diet; she exercised regularly; she drank a fair portion of water; sought to rest adequately and most important of all got closer to her God and creator.  She was BUBBLY, energetic and ever giving. Refusing to show signs of the obvious pain she was going through.  Ever willing to lend a listening ear and a truly warm and genuine human being.  In preparing to write this tribute, I went to her Facebook page and lo and behold, she made a couple of nice comments in my general direction:

‘Thank you, Curtis Morton. My last interview this trip with Curtis. It’s been a great 3 weeks. Very productive. By working together we can make a difference. God bless x Thank you to everyone for their support..’

‘Curtis Morton is awesome and is a great interviewer’.

So Lea has passed on but will certainly not be easily forgotten.  I think she left has left a legacy and an example for us: Live life to the fullest-yet in accordance with God’s will and not even the worst type of a Disease can keep us down.

The last time she was here, I made an observation and I told my coworkers then, ‘Lea is not doing too well.’  But, her face was beaming with joy.  There was a ‘PEACE that passeth all understanding’.

I pay tribute to this marvelous lady and the significant contribution she has made to our Nevisian society and beyond.  I hope that more of us will follow in her footsteps and learn to be more like God wants us to be.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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