The Way I See It

Nevispages Weekly Feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, we ought to follow the admonitions of the bible and always seek to be ‘our brother’s keeper.’

Earlier this week, I wrote an opinion column, regarding the plight of Nevisian and Leeward islands left arm leg spinner, Jason Campbell, who has effectively being called for throwing and suspended from bowling at the regional level, ‘with immediate effect.’

According to a press release, ‘the assessment revealed that Campbell’s deliveries exceeded the 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted underplaying regulations.’

Now I have watched ‘Campbie’ bowl, virtually all his life. I have video recorded him in action. I have even batted against him in cup matches and I definitely did not see anything that even gave a hint of throwing, in his action.

However, they have ruled it to be so and there is nothing we can do about that but the question is, what is the next step?  Based on my recent conversation with ‘Campbie,’ he feels like he is sailing through these rough waters alone.

At this present time, the young man needs some guidance from people in the know, as to how to reform his bowling action in order to beat that 15 degrees level of tolerance and still be one of the best proponents of the art of leg-spin, in the entire region.

Apparently no one is forthcoming, in terms of helping to guide the process and help the young man through this stressful situation.

The other day, India made a huge score versus the West Indies and the Windies team, slam-dunked them, much to their horror and I dare say, to our delight, well most of us anyway (as I am aware that there are some West Indians who just do not support our team).  When India made an even bigger score in the following game, the Windies did not make it but I certainly enjoyed the Hope and Pooran show.

So, our cricketers are under constant pressure to keep us happy and we must understand that they are only humans.  Sometimes they will do well and sometimes, they will fail miserably.  However, we need to give them our CONSTANT support and assistance.

I recall several years ago, in conversation with the late, great Runako Morton, he expressed similar feelings of being left out in the cold, to fight a lone battle.  Some of his stresses were self-made, caused by his own indiscretions, but even then, I realized that the brother needed help; needed guidance- needed a supporting shoulder.  I remember helping him to pen a letter of apology to one of the boards, which paved the way to get him back in their good graces.  He was eternally thankful for my assistance.

Small wonder that in recent times, a number of international cricketers have taken a break from the game, due to ‘mental health issues.’

In all of the cases I read about, their respective boards were offering their full support to help them through the process.

So, I am kindly asking someone, anyone in the know, to reach out to ‘Campbie’ and guide and help him through these murky waters.  I am persuaded that he still has a lot to contribute to world cricket.

Additionally, I am convinced that that is the very reason why God gives us breath on a daily basis—so that we can help another brother or sister, along the way.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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