The Way I See It

A Nevispages Weekly Feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, some people, when they get really excited they tend to absolutely forget where they are and probably do things that they later regret.

It is the sports term and the action is really getting hot.  You may not know, but this is easily one of the most exciting periods of the year for me.

I have been recording the races of students since about 1989 and I have seen from the fantastic to the ridiculous.  What I normally find truly amazing though, is the involvement of some of the parents and grandparents.  They show up in their numbers to support their loved ones and things normally start on the cool side.

However, when the action gets heated, especially when they realize that someone for them has a chance of a top place, some kind of buzzer goes off and these people, some of them who have not tried running for donkeys of years, suddenly become athletes.  Most times, they struggle to keep up with the children and would eventually stop, blowing really hard, like sharks.

Well I newa!

But that is not the most amazing part.  Later, some of them would approach me and tell me to please take them out of the video, because they don’t want people to see how they ‘bun out.’  One or two have even requested of me to take them out of the video because their boss did not even know that they were there!

Now, let us be fair. How in the world do you expect me to get you out of the video when you are running alongside the athlete in focus?

I mean, I have seen people running and their shoes fall off.  I have seen people running and their wigs fall off and they have to be running and holding their wigs.  I have seen people run and fall down.  I have seen people running with their pants falling off.  And most of these people are people who claim that they do not want to be on camera!

Just a note of warning, therefore, I like a lot of stupidniss – good stupidniss, if you get my drift.

Mind you, if someone gets seriously hurt, I won’t put them on TV, at the expense of also eliminating the athlete, but if you are not hurt and it is really funny – well, dog eat your supper!

So, my admonition is simple: If you don’t want to be on TV, don’t run with the children. Stay behind the camera and cheer them on!

God in his word, admonishes us to be ‘wise as serpents and harmless as doves.’  Let us avoid what we can avoid.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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