The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, it is a fact that ‘a bad wind never blow!’

Yes, you may not believe that I am saying this, because of our current predicament.

After all, more and more people are coming down with the dreaded virus; people are getting really sick; some people are dying; our freedom of movement has been greatly restricted; we are on virtual lock down for most of the week; diets have had to be drastically changed; there are eternal long lines at all of the supermarkets, whenever, we are released ‘out of the pen’; the shoppers have to bear intense sunny days and the occasional rain showers…….

Well I newa!

So, what kind of good we can see in that?  Okay, let’s slow down and come ‘let us reason together.’  I will relate to you what has transpired for me personally and you can do the comparisons, as you have experienced them.

For one, I am now able to do basic editing.  I have been video recording since around 1989 but I have never sat down to take the time out, to learn to edit the material. I have always been forced to pay someone else to do it.

I must say that Curtis Jr has always insisted that I should take the time out to learn the skill but I have always been ‘too busy.’

Well, the lockdown placed some serious extra time on my hands and I have decided to make the best use of it.  So, I have a brother who is particularly TECH-SAVVY and he hooked up to my computer remotely and demonstrated in a real way, how basic editing is done.  Since then, I have been practising and if I dare say, getting better and more adventurous—trying out new things and so on.

My wife and I always operate on a budget but now even more so. At the top of each budget is placed God’s required tithes and offerings and he continues to bless us tremendously, not necessarily with money, but he has always provided for our NEEDS.

We are now learning the art that was preached by our parents and grandparents when they said, we must learn to CUT AND CONTRIVE!  You remember those words, dear reader?

Meals have become more creative and tasty. Overnight food from the previous day may be taken from the refrigerator and become a part of breakfast and/or dinner for the next day.  The vehicle is parked for most of the days of the week, so I now buy less gas.

I have also added to my brood of hens. I previously had four and now I have nine.

Now there is a history behind my fowl raring activities.  I started with quite a number of fowls in my yard, as was the custom with my parents previously.  Then my wife needed the space to really get her back yard garden going and I gave away ALL of the fowls to a friend—free of cost.

A few times, when he was overloaded with eggs, he would bring some for me. Eventually, that slowly phased out.  It then became a norm for me to purchase eggs at the supermarket. Well, that was fine when I was working but when a self-employed person is at home for so long, you have to become innovative.

I went back and begged the guy to give me five fowls. He had already boasted how his brood had multiplied ten-fold.  Well, we never got around to sealing the deal. However, on one of the release days, I went and collected the five fowls.

It took them a while to get accustomed to the others and they seemed to be always fighting.  Well, that has changed overtime.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday of this week, I forgot to close the door to the fowl pen properly and one of the new fowls escaped and the stupid cock ran out after her.  Well, my wife mentioned that Adam did follow after Eve. Well, I did not get into a debate there.

I knew I had a headache on my hands to catch the two of them. Well, I went after the cock first. Good thing I have a level of fitness left in me.  I had to chase that thing up and down the yard; round and round the house—all over, until he was tired and I locked him back in the pen, with the expected scolding of course.

Well, the fowl was a totally different challenge.

I was already tired and she seemed to have sensed it. I chased with all my might, but she always eluded me.  Then, I had her backed up against the fence. I made a grab and that fowl flew clean over the fence!

Well I newa!

You know, as it ran away, that fowl looked back and I am convinced that the look she gave me, she was saying: ‘I know you can’t come out your gate!’

I was wondering if the Police would lock me up for chasing after my fowl, but I did not want to find out.

Well, I virtually gave up on her, but to my great surprise, she came back by the pen today, to see the others, but every time I get close, she runs away. I believe I will catch her though.

The good of the fowls though, is that we have not bought eggs from the supermarket for quite some time now and trust me, local eggs taste good!

There is also more dedicated time for family worship and general reading. I have also seen some cricket videos and other movies that I have found enthralling.  Just today, I was watching a match which included Runako Morton batting. It was a game from 2009.

My wife and I have exercised together and played a simulation cricket match, which she won—I must admit and now she is telling me that next time, we will play Golf.

Well I newa!

So, yes. The times may be hard and tough, but tough times breed tough people and we can become very Christ centered and community minded.  We can help each other through this crisis, by God’s grace.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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