The Way I See It

By Curtis Morton

The way I see it, OBEAH is of the Devil and anyone who engages in such, is not of God.
Oh yes, I know that I am going to tread on a few toes today…..
The news broke this week that two Obeah men were arrested in Antigua. Now don’t get too comfortable. I understand that Nevis is reputed to having the top brass in the ‘industry!’
Well I newa!
The story is told that a man who was travelling to another island (to remain unnamed), got into a conversation with someone on the aircraft and during the exchanges, admitted that he was going to that island to see an Obeah man, to deal with a particular issue of grievance to himself and his family.
During the conversation, his newly made friend told him that he did not need to go where he was planning to go, because she had dealt with a similar problem and it was in Nevis that she got it solved, because St. Kitts and Nevis have the best Obeah men and women in the region.
Well I newa!
I remember as a young Public Health Inspector, carrying out routine inspections in a certain village on the island.
After I had visited three households, I aborted my visits for the rest of the day, with a cracking headache.
At house number one, the gentleman had all kinds of broken bottles and trash on a wall fence and I asked him to get rid of them, as it was just not aesthetic and would provide harbourage for insects and rodents.
He told me point blank that he could not remove them because they were there to keep off the harm that was being attempted by his neighbor on the other side.
I asked him if he was not a Christian and if he did not believe in the power of God. His response was instructive: “God helps those who help themselves.’
Well I newa!
I went across to the neighbour and he admitted to throwing certain stuff around in his unkept yard because he too was seeking protection from his neighbour. There was also the not too ideal smell of turpentine and something else that I could no figure out.
The next house was occupied by a lady. She was aged and bed ridden but spoke of the powers that she turned to for assistance…and she did not mention God.
I decided that that was enough for one day. I went home and I prayed and asked God to help these people to understand that although Satan is powerful, he is already a defeated foe and that God is all powerful.
I have heard so many stories about people in Nevis walking around with GUARDS on their person.
Hey, the only GUARD we need is GOD.
Tell the Devil to stay out of our lives and let us trust God for his guidance, blessings and protection on a daily basis.
We don’t need any Obeah in Nevis.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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