The Way I See It

The way I see it, the year 2021 has commenced with some eerie signs.  OMINOUS I dare say.

Myron Jeffers of Brick Kiln was found dead at Herbert’s beach, under what was originally thought to be, ‘suspicious circumstances.’  The autopsy has since said otherwise.

Youthful St. Peters Footballer-19 year old, Jarmani Stevens, collapsed while training at the Football field in St. Peters, a few days ago.  I mean, just died suddenly.

Well I newa!

When I was growing up, only old people were dying.

Then for those of us who have been following the Trump drama in the USA, we saw the outrageous storming of the Capitol Building and before order was restored – four dead.

So, there seems to be an undeniable pervading sense of DEATH, across the world.

An acquaintance of mine, sent me a WhatsApp message this week.  As I opened it, I realized that it contained a voice note of sorts.  As I played it, I realized that she was singing the song: ‘The wind beneath my wings.’ Beautifully rendered and all.  Now that song contains the words ‘Did you ever know that you are my hero?’  You know the song, right-dear reader?

Well, I was taken aback and I was thinking to myself that I did not know that I was such a positive influence to the lady.  Well, my blushing moment was short-lived.  She sent another voice note. This one took all of the wind out of my sails.  She stated, in a nutshell: ‘Don’t get carried away by the words of the song. I was not singing it for you; neither was I singing to you. I sang that song for my mother one day before she died. I sang it for her the Sunday and she died the Monday. I woke up this morning with the song on my mind and decided to SHARE it with you.’

Now, dear reader, I am not too bright, but when I analyzed her statement, I only came to one conclusion: The woman wants me dead!

Look at it. She said she was not singing to me, but it is a song she sang for her mother the Sunday and she died the following day, Monday.  I guess she was hoping that I would die the next day!  Well, thank God, I am still very much alive.

But, on a more serious note, it is time that we start to think seriously about our lives and what will happen to us after we die.  Some people make jokes and say that Hell is a fun place, with wine, women and song and that Heaven is a boring place, with only milk and honey.

But, let’s look at another perspective.  One place has streets of gold; no more tears, nor sadness and the other has eternal fire, which was originally meant for the Devil and the fallen angels.

Seriously, which do you prefer?

Choose ye this day, whom ye may serve.

I think that going God’s way is the perfect choice. Whether we die suddenly or otherwise, we will know that we will be safe for eternity.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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