The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, as the world draws closer to its inevitable end, things are getting more and more serious.

So, with all of the stress going around, I must start this week with ‘a light moment.’

Just this week, the Ministry of Tourism in Nevis, released a wonderful video presentation, entitled ‘ESCAPE TO NEVIS.’  Maybe just maybe, the man who stole the boat in Antigua and ended in St. Kitts really intended to ‘escape to Nevis.’

Well I newa!

On a more serious note:

I had occasion this week, to speak one on one, heart to heart, with a youngster, who is just about 13 or 14.  I spoke to him on a request from his mom, as he was giving her much stress with his current behaviour.  I spoke to the youngster from my heart, and even involved my wife and another community-minded lady, into the conversation and we pleaded with the young man to amend his ways and even told him about possible consequences if he continues on his current path.

Towards the end of the at least half an hour conversation, my wife asked the youngster, if our words of admonition were making any sense to him and he shrugged his shoulders as if to indicate that he was not sure.

Well I newa!

It is just this week that I confirmed that we have a serious problem in our schools with illegal drugs, specifically marijuana.

I quickly checked my good friend GOOGLE to ascertain whether or not the use of marijuana has been legalized in St. Kitts and Nevis and I came upon the following article:
“FEBRUARY 27, 2019
The Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis announced major drug policy reforms last week that will legalize medicinal cannabis and decriminalize recreational use by adults. In a statement before the National Assembly on February 20, Prime Minister Timothy Harris said that his cabinet had accepted the unanimous recommendations from the National Marijuana Commission and would introduce the bills required to make them law. The commission has been exploring options for cannabis policy reform through a series of public forums since 2017.”

I note some salient points in that report:
1. MEDICINAL cannabis will be LEGALIZED
2. RECREATIONAL use of cannabis by ADULTS, will be DECRIMINALIZED

Now, I am not too bright, but by my simple reasoning, I recognize the fact that recreational use of the ‘herb’ is not legalized but decriminalized.

I went back to GOOGLE to check out the word DECRIMINALIZE and found this:
“to remove or reduce the criminal classification or status of especially: to repeal a strict ban on while keeping under some form of regulation decriminalize the possession of marijuana.”

Significantly, recreational use is specifically referred to ADULTS.

The question is: How come it is reported that high school students on Nevis, have been found with marijuana in their school bags?  Doesn’t it logically follow that they would have acquired them from adults?

A high ranking official in our Social Services Department, also confirmed, as part of my research, that children as young as 8 years of age, in the Primary Schools, have been found using the ‘stuff.’

Well I newa!

My understanding is that the pushers have become increasingly innovative in passing on their wares.

I am told that previously innocent treats like CHEETOS, are now a part of the mix. The pushers are able to open these packages and place the ‘stuff’ inside and neatly reseal the bags.  It means, therefore, that when you see your son or daughter with a bag of CHEETOS or similar snack, it won’t hurt to have a look at the contents.

I further understand that the ‘stuff’ is also being passed around as something referred to as EDIBLES and even via certain drinks.  This is scary!

Our children need to be taught to look out for these vices.

Additionally, you parents are the ones who buy the school bags for your children, right?  I am convinced that, that gives you the inalienable right to examine those bags before they go to school and after they return from school.  These are not the times to play ‘dumb’ and say ‘not my child!’

Children are under constant pressure to do the wrong things, even if they are well trained at home.

Parents, they need your constant help in guiding them.

Strive really hard to ensure that your children are comfortable communicating with you, so that they will feel free to tell you who is bombarding them about using drugs and other similar pressures that they are facing.

The bible is so clear in its admonitions:
“Proverbs 22:6 |
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

We have a moral duty as parents and adults in the community, to save our children and we need to seek to guide them, when we see them taking wrong paths and above all, we need to be example setters for them as well.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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