The way I see it, God indeed has a keen sense of humour!

I kept my word. Last Sunday, I woke up early enough and turned on my television set, in time to get the first ball of the finals between the Windies and the Aussies women.

I am amazed at the ball skills of the women on both teams, but I am more impressed with the skills exhibited by our Windies team.

And so I watched with amazement, the batting exhibition of the youthful Hayley Matthews and the more seasoned campaigner Stefanie Taylor.

I watched the Windies women complete a historic victory and then hurried to get some vital chores done. I then retired in front of the television set with my wife to watch the main event of the day: The Windies men v England.

Hey, that game was entertaining from start to finish!

But let’s get to the sweet part:

It came down to the Windies requiring all of 19 runs off the final over.

My wife felt that it was all over, because Samuels was not on strike. However, I had seen enough of Mr. Brathwaite to know that at least he was going to TRY.

I bowed my head and whispered: “Dear God, if it is your will, please give us this game.”

Now I am glad that God is not like man. You could imagine how many persons were praying to him at the same time, asking for a victory as well?

People from the West Indies; people from England, the scores of people in Warner Park, watching the game on the big screen…..all praying to the same God (hopefully)

Well I newa!

Well, I was hoping for at least a six and a four and the scrambling for every possible run.

Ben Stokes came in to bowl and history would record that he was struck for four consecutive sixes!

Well I newa!

Curtis Morton JR is insisting that the bowler lost the script. There is no way that he should have been taken to the cleaners like that. He felt he should have varied his pace and line. I guess that is easier said than done, especially when you are being watched by over 60,000 spectators in an enclosed venue.

So, God did not answer my prayer via scrambled singles and twos.

It was 6,6,6,6!

And despite his sense of humour, there are certain things that God does not play around with.

He could have allowed it to be 6,6,6 but something about 666, does not ring the right bell and so God allowed another huge maximum to seal the deal.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?


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