By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, the Devil is REAL and every day that we are loaned by God Almighty, with another breath of life, we really need to give him thanks and praise and ask him to guide and guard us throughout the day and before we go to sleep, we again need to fall to our knees and thank him for his protection, provision and care.
Why am I saying all that?

It was Thursday of this week, the day had started well and I wasn’t troubling anybody.

I went to Western Union to collect something for my wife. I had a letter authorized by her and the required tracking number and ID.
Boy, I never knew that the lines at Western Union could be so long.
People were nearly by the staircase and all the way to the door that was closed and then another set of persons already on the inside.
Well I newa!

I eventually realized that I could get some of my necessary day’s work done and return at lunch time.
When I returned, the line was much shorter but certainly not faster but I decided to endure and wait.

I eventually go inside the door. Good news!
I eventually got to the cashier. Better news!
She asked for my documents. I duly passed them to her.
That is when she told me that my wife’s ID had expired and that she could not proceed with the transaction.
Boy, if so many people were not around, I think I would have sat down in the chair and bawl out loud and hard.
Well I newa!

I went home later, truly frustrated but after sometime, I got over it.
The next day, I was heading off to St.Kitts with the seniors to record their big fun day. The boat was leaving at 8.45 so I made a quick move to Western Union with an updated ID from my wife and all.
I got there at 8.00 am, only to be told that they won’t open until 8.30.

I kinda hinted to the nice lady that I had a boat to catch but that did not help to change her opening time.

I also forgot to say that I met one man already there waiting too.
At 8.30, on the prompting of a friend in the office, I turned to the man to ask him if he could allow me to go first. Only to find out that he spoke Spanish!

Well I turned to my trusted, tried and proven, SPANGLISH:
Good dayo. Meo go a St.Kittso-pronto-cano I go beforeo you-o?
The man burst out laughing and said in perfect English: ‘Go ahead.’
I now went to the cashier, only to be told by her that she still will be dealing with the man first because she had already taken his documents.
Well I newa!

I asked my friend to keep monitoring the boat, which she did and eventually I was attended to and got the transaction complete.

Guess what? The Devil did not win this time. I was frustrated but I did not bawl nor cuss anybody and I believe that by God’s grace we can all continue to demonstrate patience, even in our toughest times of adversity and trial.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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