The way I see it, it does not pay to be superstitious nor trust in things of the occult.

Soon after I stepped out to work earlier today, someone reminded me that today was indeed FRIDAY 13TH MAY.

Now who cares –really???

Sadly, am reminded that a whole lot of people care—too many…..

I am reminded that in my youthful days, my grandmother and others paid great significance to a day like today.

There were omens and signs and wonders that needed to be noted carefully.

Black cats were the demons of the day and should not be ‘allowed to cross your path.’

Those big black bumble bees (long time I aint see one), they were also public enemy number one. A green grass hopper in the house, spelt sickness or death in the family.

Some persons take this day so seriously that they refuse to travel until the day is past; some refuse to go to work; others just change their entire routine for the day and move about like cats on a hot tin roof.

Well I newa!

I remember when I was going to take my common entrance exams at the Charlestown Secondary school, I was specifically told to make sure that my left foot got into the room first or I would fail. I did the exact opposite and passed fairly well.

I am reminded of the late Phinehas Griffin telling me of an incident he had with a very respected lady in our community.

You see, they were at a funeral and Brother Griffin pointed to a particular grave and asked her if that was where ‘so and so’ was buried.

She hit his hand in a panic, screaming ‘don’t do that-your fingers going to drop off!’

Poor lady apparently did not realize that Brother Griffin had already pointed and his fingers were still very much intact.
Well I newa!

Just recently as I looked at the Leeward Islands Cricket tournament, I was amazed at the number of cricketers who made the sign of the cross, as they were about to go onto the field of play!

Making the sign of the cross, is of non-effect. It is seeking the one who died on the cross for us, that will make an eternal difference.

Therein lies our solution to life’s greatest fears.

Instead of being guided by the obeah men and women; astrological signs and all of these superstitions, why not simply try praying to God on a daily and regular basis and trusting him for our total protection and provision???

I submit to you that thereafter, whether the 13th falls on a Monday; a Wednesday or a Friday, you will just go about your normal duties with a song in your heart and a pep in your step—in Jesus’ name!

That’s the way I see it? How do you see it?

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