By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, children nowadays won’t ever be able to truly appreciate what REAL CULTURE is all about.

They are being nurtured in world of make belief and that is simply so, because we who have endured the hard grind and existed in a time when we really understood first hand, what HARD LIFE IS, do not want them to through that kind of trial and tribulation.

But guess what? It is that kind of life that helped us to develop and become the type of men and women who we are today.

Just for a quick refection:

How many boys and girls would love to sleep in a not too big bed, to hold you and four other siblings?

How many of our boys and girls, can even fathom what it is like to go to school bare footed and sometimes with your pant bottom highly ventilated. Those days we never used to know about GAS SPREE but we had rear guard air conditioning.

Well I newa!

How many of our boys and girls would love to have some dry potato and mackerel for lunch, to be flushed down with a mug of SWANK?

How many of our boys and girls would understand how to treasure the clothes and shoes they wear because, they may well be handed down to a younger sibling, in the near future?

How many of our boys and girls would fancy sitting on a seat inside of a pit latrine which is conspicuously noisome and with the threat of cockroaches passing by unprotected areas?

Yes, I know. I did not see too many hands going up……

Real story:

A former friend of mine (now deceased), told me that one day he was working in his land and he called his young teen age daughter to go by the nearby shop (just up the road and around the corner) and buy some bread, beef and Kool aid.

Half an hour later and really hungry, he went into the house to get something to eat.

His daughter is nicely seated, watching the television.

He asked her for the food stuff and she coyly replied: “I am waiting for you to drive me to the shop.”

Well I newa!

I am certainly not saying that children should be tortured into living in the manner we were forced to, because things are much better now. They don’t have to study by lamp light and listen the one radio in the house, on whatever station, mommy or daddy puts it on.

However, I think that they should be told these stories and shown some of the things and even experience them, even once, so that they would appreciate more, the sacrifices that parents make for them.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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