The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton
The way I see it, there is hope yet for West Indies cricket.
I understand that the attendance at the recent second test match between India and the West Indies which was played in Jamaica, was extremely poor and to make matters worse, they were charging more than what they charged for the CPL games, which were exceptionally well attended.
However, persons who stayed away, missed out on an epic battle between the Windies batsmen and the Indian bowlers.
At 48 for 4 and with one whole day remaining, it was a foregone conclusion: The West Indies team would serve to disappoint their fans once again……or was it?
Enter Jermaine Blackwood and he proceeded to bat as positively as he had batted in the first innings which was in itself amazing, having made a pair in the previous test match.
The star of the day, Roston Chase then anchored himself in and played stodgily and positively as well. Though not as aggressive as Blackwood, he sought to play in the V and played each ball on its merit.
When Blackwood departed, Shane Dowrich, the diminutive wicket keeper/batsman from Barbados, joined Chase and they proceeded to not only frustrate the Indians with their stubborn defence but played some elegant boundary shots as well.
When Dowrich was fortuitously given out lbw, when he had gotten an inside edge, the Indians once again sniffed a win but Captain Jason Holder stayed with Chase, right to the end, when Kohli grudgingly had to call off the match.
What lesson can we learn from this?
When the chips are down, strong men thrive. It takes effort and sheer will power to make the impossible, possible.
These West Indian batsmen made up in their minds that they would not allow India to win this particular match and as such they literally batted out of their skins.
So once a desire and a stated purpose have been established, it is all about putting in the effort and energy in order to achieve the set goals.
No matter what the nay Sayers may say, you have made up your mind to be successful and come what may, you determine to make it possible.
These men for their heroics, certainly made the hearts of West Indian fans around the world really glad on that day and must be highly commended for their efforts.
Well I newa!
Now I know that some of you will say that maybe it was a FLUKE but I am confident that that unique achievement would bring our cricketers to the realization that they can defy the Indian team and all other teams, despite their higher rankings, once they put in the work.
So, I am looking forward to a lot more positive outcomes from the West Indies team because on Wednesday 3rd August 2016, they helped me to remain a BELIEVER.
Speaking of which, it reminds of the Christian life. We know that Satan is a defeated foe and we know that hell fire and eternal damnation was put in place specifically for him and his fallen angels.
However, we are also aware of the fact that Satan does not plan to go down easily and so he wants to tempt us to defy God’s laws and be eternally damned, so that we can share in his ghastly fate.
I believe that as the heavenly hosts look on, they too are literally holding their breaths as we constantly fall and fail our heavenly King. However, when they see us seek to make a right about turn and defy the enemy, by God’s grace, they would cheer loudly.
It is all about putting in the work, no matter what aspect of life we are referring to and with Jesus in the vessel, we can surely smile at the storm.
Just like the Windies will rise to be winners once again, so too, we can be winners, by God’s grace.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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