By: Curtis Morton

The way I see it, work ethic is something that ought to be emphasized and reemphasized across the various institutions within the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis

As one who has served in a supervisory capacity for a number of years, I am almost certain that ‘I have seen it all.’

Punctuality is a real issue. Persons who are scheduled to commence work at 8 am are on numerous occasions coming through the door at minutes to nine.

Mind you, I am specifically referring to the government service.

Such behaviour will not be tolerated at places such as Social Security and the Four Seasons Resort. In such places, lateness will eventually be reflected through a deduction in your pay cheque!
Shockingly, when they would have settled down for a few minutes, they still want to go and get breakfast or go to the bank or have some ‘business to fix.’

Speaking of which, you know what I have noticed? People don’t ask permission to go anywhere, anymore.
It’s like: “Am going to the bank.’ Ah going to deal with something and come back…’
Now there is a note of finality in those statements which suggest that they do not expect any contrary responses.

It’s like, dare you say I cannot go and I will box you down!
Then there is the unstated policy of ‘late in, early out.’

I went to a government office one morning to conduct some business. Up until 8.30 am, there was absolutely no one at the office. At about 8.55 one of the ladies took her sweet time to get out of a vehicle and opened the door.

I went inside and stated my business and was told that another lady who had not yet arrived would deal with me.

I waited for another ten minutes before she arrived and got my business done.

I had occasion to revisit the same office at about 3.15 pm that same day, to finalize something. As I was going up the steps, the lady who had dealt with me during the morning, was coming down, with her bag in hand.

‘You get off early today,’ I said, trying to make conversation.
‘No, am going to the hairdresser,’ she said, matter of factly.

Now that lady was supposed to be leaving work at 4.00 pm and she already got in late and was keeping an early appointment with her Hair dresser!

Not to talk about time off:
A friend of mine, Marcellus Lee once told me that we folks here on Nevis are really peculiar. Once we get a hard shower of rain, we already calling the local radio stations asking if work and school today?
Well I newa!

My understanding is that in the big cities like New York and so on, whether it is hail; snow or rain, you are still expected to get to work on time. No excuses accepted. Maybe my readers in the big cities could correct me if I am wrong.

So this laissez faire attitude towards time and work, has just got to stop.

It’s all about an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay!
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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