By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, even the nicest, sweetest persons, are prone to get angry.

The bible clearly states: ‘Be angry and sin not’ and so it is obvious that it is not a sin to be angry but the bible further admonishes: ‘Let not the sun go down on thy wrath.’

It is therefore obvious that although being angry in and of itself does not constitute a SIN, we have to be real careful as to how we cope with our anger, or the situation or person who instigated it.

Just this week, I was at one of the senior citizens homes on our lovely island. (The specific one will not be named, for the purposes of this class).

These two sweet ladies are sitting on their respective beds, which are within touching range of each other.

Suddenly, one of them exclaimed: “Oman, you got on me shoe. Tek off me shoe!’

She continued: ‘Me hear di oman ah go ‘cop, cop, cop, all morning. Me aint realize is me shoe she got on.’

The other lady responded: ‘Me aint got on you shoe. Are you just like go ah people place go see wha dem gat!’

The aggrieved lady retorted: ‘And she bus up one di shoe you know.  An bet ah tek off me shoe off you foot and bang um cross you face!’

Now am talking about two senior ladies who are both going on 90 years of age.

Well I newa!

As interesting as the conversation was, I had to leave and so I pleaded with them to come to an amicable solution to the matter and I left the institution.

To be honest, I do not know if ‘world war three’ started, when I turned my back.

But here are two generally sweet, old ladies, who by the way, normally have some wonderful conversations and are normally very well behaved, allowing a disagreement of sorts, to spoil their afternoon.

Even that situation could have been amicably resolved, if both women were not so bull headed.

So we need to be cautious with our responses to certain situations. We must think before we speak and act and we will avoid numerous sorrows, stress and heartaches.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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