The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton
The way I see it, great people die in threes.
Recently, St.Kitts and Nevis witnessed the passing of three ‘Governors’. Two, who were highly lauded and acclaimed and the other who would not be so favourably remembered by most.
Sir Probyn Ellsworth Inniss, passed away on 12th March 2017. He was 81 years old. He was accorded a state’s funeral and the citizens and residents of St.Kitts and Nevis were afforded a half holiday on the day of his funeral service.
Sir Cuthberth Montraville Sebastien, passed away on 25th March 2017. He was 95. He too was accorded a state’s funeral and the citizens and residents of St.Kitts and Nevis were afforded a half holiday on the day of his funeral service.

I almost said ‘Sir’ but in order to be politically correct, Mr. Lesroy DABBY Powell passed away on April 10th 2017. He was 58.
He was not accorded a state’s funeral; neither was a half holiday declared on the day of his funeral service.
However, from my understanding, as I was unable to attend, scores of persons showed up to show their last respects…and that was good.
I know lots of you have many DABBY stories and I have a few which I will share now, as I reflect on this unique character we fondly remember as DABBY.
One day, many moons ago, I was standing in front of the Charlestown Health Center, when I was approached by a certain gentleman. He was speaking to me about an issue, when DABBY appeared. He was walking up the road, as usual, not troubling anyone. Suddenly the gentleman let out an expletive and I was amazed at what his distress was. He soon explained that he had bought his expensive shirt just a few weeks prior, while he was overseas and now he was seeing DABBY in one exactly like it. He immediately indicated that he was going home to get rid of the shirt and would not wear it again, because DABBY had one like it. I could not believe that people could be that STUPID!
Well I newa!
Another time, I was video recording a wedding at Old Manor Hotel and they had gotten to the part where loved ones were giving their usual speeches and well wishes and the MC asked if there was anyone else. There was a murmur and a hum, as ‘Governor Lesroy’ slowly made his way to the podium. By the way, he was as immaculately attired as the bridegroom, even though his tie could have done with a little straightening.
“I want to wish——(name of the bride), all the best on her wedding day. I have known her for a long time and she is a very nice lady……,” stated DABBY.
I was close enough to hear the lady ask her newlywed husband: ‘Who is he?’

Such was the amazing personality of DABBY.
Another amazing trait that has become a DABBY specialty, is that he was present at almost all, if not ALL funerals. In more recent times, I believe my good friend and cousin, George Sydney Newton, may have challenged him stoutly for that prestigious honour.
DABBY also had an amazing imagination. He was a story teller. DABBY had asked me for financial help to get one or more ‘operations’. Then there was a time that he was supposed to be travelling to Aruba with his beloved Mom and yet another time when he was travelling to get married.
I never met the wife. Maybe she too has passed…..
But such was the character of DABBY.
What I can say to his credit, he gave the Nevisian population occasional and well needed humour. He was humble, simple and real. I mean down to earth and harmless. You get vex with DABBY, you are wasting your time.
He took his politics seriously and you did not have to light any lamp to know where his support lay but even then, DABBY meant no ill feelings towards his political rivals. I wish all of us could be like that.
DABBY would support his party, but if he was given a shirt from the other party, he would take it. Maybe he would not wear it in public but such was the nature of the man.
I last saw DABBY on his sick bed at Alexandra, two Saturdays before his demise. Our church group was paying one of the usual visits. We prayed with him and the others on the ward; sang for them and read passages of scripture.
DABBY was very responsive and hopefully he would have made his calling and election sure.
Now this is the truly amazing part: As the world focuses on Good Friday and Easter in general and reflect on the selfless sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on our behalf, isn’t it good to know that Jesus died for Sir Probyn; for Sir Cuthberth and for DABBY and even more importantly for ME and YOU?
What am I insinuating? Yes siree bob! If Sir Cuthberth and Sir Probyn made their calling and election sure with God, before they passed, they are assured of eternal life and if they did not, they will be eternally damned. And if Lesroy made his calling and election sure before he passed, he too will be in heaven at last!
And that goes for me and you too.
For whatever reason, DABBY was coded as the LOWEST OF THE LOW but in God’s sight he was a CHILD OF THE KING.
I remember telling someone one day, as I spoke on the issue of RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY, that if they were to make DABBY, Governor General, tomorrow, I would salute and pay whatever homage was required, to him.
And so I believe that we should respect every single human being, as God made all of us in his own image and we all are EQUAL, at the foot of the cross.
By the way, DABBY had ‘important’ relatives eh. Sam Powell was one his close family members and Vernel Powell at Social Security was some kind of a cousin. DABBY had top ranking relatives, if you please.
DABBY has made his contribution and has now gone on. What is my contribution? What is your contribution?
May we be humble and harmless like DABBY and seek to do good to all men in the process. DABBY also looked out for his mother when she was alive. That is another lesson for us.
May the good memories of our beloved brother, live on.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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