The Way I See It-Friday 1st December 2017

The way I see it, you only really know your true friends, when trouble comes ah knocking on your door.

The big story, making its rounds in Nevis, during this week, pertains to an alleged drug bust at the Long Point Port.

It involves a well-known, reputable and well respected citizen of our fair land, who has made significant contributions to the development of our country and more specifically in sports and sports administration.

The stories are many and varied but knowing the gentleman in question, I want to state categorically that I believe that the gentleman, did not intentionally try to circumvent the law.

Anything that transpired in my opinion, had to be without his knowledge.

My heart goes out to him, his wife and his entire family.

Oh what a wretched state to be in, when you are holed up in the infamous tiny cell, at the Charlestown Police Station, for nearly two days.

Well I newa!

So, now I am seeing that none of us can truly say we will NEVER go to jail.

Follow my trend of thought dear readers:

If you have ever travelled and especially if you are a frequent traveler, you would understand the sense of trepidation and dread that I go through, every time that I release my luggage, to be sent through to the baggage compartment of the aircraft.

There was a time when I used to put a lock on such unattended luggage, but having learnt that a certain lady’s lock was cut away from her bag, I figured that it did not make sense.

So, I have this dread, that one day, some dishonest person, working behind the scenes at an airport, will search my bag and place an illegal item into it.

According to a Doctor friend of mine, when the dogs start barking at your suitcase, shortly after you arrive, you will appear as guilty as sin, if they find anything illegal, because you will not have any way to disprove the apparent fact that you knew all about it.

In another life, I was a Public Health Inspector and one of my former bosses, was Shefton Connor, of blessed memory, who once told me an interesting story.

He and another Public Health Inspector, went to Jamaica on a course. They were seated close to each other, as they returned after the course and when he got to St. Kitts, the other guy said: ‘Pass me that envelope out of your pocket.’

‘What envelope?’ he asked. ‘The one that I placed in your pocket when we were at the airport in Jamaica,’ was the ready response.

Only to find out that the guy had placed a packet of marijuana in his pocket and he was not even aware of it!

Speaking of Jamaica, I also went there on a course, many years ago. You know during courses, you get to meet new friends from various islands?

Well, as I was approaching the security check point, one of the ladies stated that she had something else to buy and in turning back, asked me to check through a bag.

I placed my bags and her bag on the machine and as her bag was passing through, there was a loud beep.

The security officer immediately asked who was responsible for the bag and I cautiously put up my hand.

He told me in a stern voice, that they had to check the bag. I was so happy to say: ‘It is not mine’ and I proceeded to walk off.

He immediately stopped me and indicated that I could not proceed until the bag was checked.

I waited for about five minutes until the lady arrived, but it seemed like 5 hours!

Well I newa!

All the while, hoping and praying that she did not have any illegal substance/s in her bag.

As my fellow health officials paused by, I tried to appear cool, but underneath I was sweating!

Eventually, the lady arrived and they searched the bag and gave her.


Then and there, I vowed never to take anybody else’s bag like that again.

There is also the case of people wanting you to carry packages for them.

I have learnt that we must always ask the persons to open the packages, before we deliver—NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!

I remember boarding a ferry one morning, to St. Kitts and a guy rushed onto the pier and of all the people on the boat, picked me out for his attention.

‘Please carry this to St. Kitts for me. A guy gonna be on the pier, waiting.

‘What’s in it?’ I asked.

‘Man you know me—wha you are gu on wid?’ was his rude response.

He refused to open the package and I refused to take it and when we parted company, I knew that I had virtually made an enemy.

Well I newa!

So, I am saying all of that to say, that we can never be too careful.

The Devil is moving around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

We have to be wary of all of his devious plans and avoid what we can avoid.

So, again my heart goes out to my friend, his wife and family.

It could have been a set up but whatever it is, God sees and knows and the perpetrators will not go unpunished.

May God help that family through their time of crisis.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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