The way I see it – The Devil is Real

Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr

The way I see it, the Devil is REAL.

Now, I do not want you, dear reader, to get mixed up with fiction and fantasy, just real facts, guided by the word of God.  Now let us just do some historical rechecks in accordance with the biblical truths presented in the word of God:
1. The Devil or Satan once lived in heaven. He was the top brass-well, after God and Jesus.
2. Satan, then called Lucifer was a handsome fella. He wanted more.
3. He wanted to be like Jesus and so he planned the first-ever coup recorded in history.
4. The idiot actually tried an overthrow in Heaven. Well I newa!
5. He actually ran such a convincing undercover campaign, that he actually fooled off one-third of the angels of heaven.

Revelation 12: 9 picks up the action:
“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

So, he was cast out to the earth with the third of the fallen angels and the fella did not rest.

6. He fooled off a then perfect Eve, who in turn encouraged her husband Adam to be an accomplice in disappointing God.

Ever since, Satan and his imps have turned their attention to us, as imperfect human beings, with all of our varying pieces of baggage and the battle for our souls, rages on.

So, I am into sports and every now and again, I look at this battle raging over my soul and never fail to be amazed.  Sometimes, it seems like a grand Inter Primary affair, at the Mondo track.
There are thousands of spectators and the athletes are the ones in focus.  The only difference here is that we are not spectators.  All of us are athletes on the track, in this real-life movie.

We are either representing God’s team or Satan’s team.  God’s team has a white banner, fluttering in the breeze and Satan’s team has a black banner.  If on any given day, I do very well in living in accordance with God’s will, the entire host of heaven is there cheering me on.

If I stumble and fall, even though I don’t literally hear them, they are there encouraging: “Curtis get up. God still loves you. Try again!’  When I falter and mess up. Satan and his whole army of mischief-making imps, shout loudly in jubilation and glee.  When I fail God and fall, they grin from ear to ear. When I try to get back up, they tell me: ‘God does not love you anymore. You have messed up too badly. God does not want your kind around him….’

So I set out this morning and I know when the idiot and his crew are working overtime to frustrate me.

I made a small tumbler of drink. My prized special punch, with a little bit of lime juice and some other things (recipe still a work in progress) and I placed I into the refrigerator.  A few minutes later, I had occasion to return to the fridge for something and the entire container with the drink, came tumbling down, spilling all over the kitchen floor.  It hurt, but I said audibly: ‘Satan you are still an idiot!”

In my mind’s eye, I saw one of those imps pull that container down and throw away my precious drink, but I was determined that I would not let Satan spoil my day.

I took along my laptop with me, in order to complete some typing I had to do.  When I pulled out the laptop, I realized that the battery was down to 3%.  I think I heard Satan and his imps laughing out loudly.  They would have enjoyed that.

Later on in the day, I pulled in at a gas station to fill up with petrol. Another vehicle was parked alongside the pump, so I waited by the roadside, with the back end of the bus, partially in the road, so that the other guy could get out.  So happens that traffic suddenly got tight on the main road and because a particular bus driver had to pause to allow someone else to pass, boy he let off some expletives in my general direction.

I guess Satan and his team had a good laugh again.

Still later in the morning, I got some really bad news.  I have a relative who has been encouraged by my wife to plant and she has seen the benefits of planting, despite the monkeys.  So, she had this watermelon coming up.  The thing was looking big and juicy.  This morning, she came out and saw the remains of it in her yard.  Some kind of wild hog had passed through and taken her prized possession.  Satan and his imps must have had a party and they would have been very happy to hear her say that ‘this planting thing is not worth it.’  That is exactly the plan of the eternal scamp.

He wants us to GIVE UP and to GIVE IN to his whims and fancies.  He knows that the fire has already been prepared for him and his fallen angels, but he wants us to join him in that massacre. He is looking for a company.

So, dear reader, this is my admonition:

Every time that something bad happens in your life, just know that it is not of God. God only looks out for our best interest. So any negative thing has to be coming from Satan and his imps.  The ultimate goal is for them to spoil our day; frustrate us and get us to give up and just live a careless, wanton kind of life, which will only lead to destruction and HELL.  But, in our corner, is God’s team, urging us to hold on; not to give up and telling us always that God still loves us and cares for us NO MATTER WHAT ATROCITIES WE MAY HAVE COMMITTED.

So, no matter what you are going through, pause a while and say loudly,  ‘Satan, I won’t allow you to win. God still loves me and I am going God’s way.’

If we acknowledge that Satan and his imps are behind everything evil, we will appreciate and love other people more, instead of hating their guts and we won’t give up when we fail.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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