Three female juveniles found guilty of house breaking and larceny

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- It was a family and friendship dispute at the District ‘C’ Magistrate Court on Tuesday, February 13, 2013 where three juveniles of the Charlestown Secondary School pleaded guilty for the charges of house breaking and larceny.

The case continued from last week Tuesday. At that time, Her Honor ordered the juveniles to bring the stolen jewelry to court or she would send them to prison.

The details of the incident are that three friends left school and journeyed to Low Street on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 where they broke into the home of Jonnesa Jeffers and stole a number of items valued to over $5000.00 E.C. The master mind of the plan is said to be the cousin of Ms. Jeffers.

Tuesday in court, the three juveniles appeared without the stolen jewelries. When Her Honor explained the seriousness of the matter and the number of years they could spend in prison, one of the females then decided to ‘spell the beans’.

She stated that on the day in question she was at school when the cousin of Ms. Jeffers asked her along with their other friend to accompany her to Percy’s Jewelry Store. Both friends decided to accompany her. However, while on their way the friend asked them to follow her to Low Street to her cousin’s house. Upon arrival she stated that the cousin used a key to gain entry into the back door and while inside she used a knife to unscrew the screws of a cupboard to get access to Jonnesa’s jewelry because the cupboard was locked.

She said she did not know if she took the jewelries because she left the house and went outside. It was also revealed that other items were taken from the home.

She also revealed in court that she was threatened by the cousin’s brother not to tell on his sister or he would kill her.

After this the cousin got furious and they all started pointing fingers at each other calling each other liars and accusing each other of taking the belongings of Jonnesa. The items missing from the home included clothes, jewelries, games, snap back hats, lip gloss, underwear, make up and among other things.

Jonnesa took the witness stand and stated that she tried to be lenient with her cousin. She told the court that she was willing to let everything slide if they were only to give her back her jewelry.
Her Honor, Yasmine Clarke told the court that she did believe that the cousin stole the jewelry. She was of the opinion that Jonnesa’s cousin knew exactly what she wanted when she broke into the house. Her Honor said ‘stealing is stealing whether it is from a stranger or family but it is even worst to steal from your family.

She told two of the girls to be careful of the company they keep. She continued, ‘I don’t want to see you guys back before the court for stealing. Your parents send you to school so you guys can learn and be able to finish school and buy what you want.’

Two of the girls were charged $500.00 to be paid in two months or serve one month imprisonment.

Both left the stand and the cousin stood alone to face the penalty. Clarke told her that she expected her to be the ring leader. Her Honor told her that she was 100 % sure that she stole the jewelry and either she sold them or got rid of them.

She was ordered to pay $5000.00 to compensate Jonnesa in two months or served 18 months imprisonment. She was also fine $1000.00 to be paid in one month or serve three months imprisonment.

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