Three Officers Facing Disciplinary Charges

Police Press Release
Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 17, 2019 (RSCNPF): Following an investigation into an incident involving two Police Officers and two visitors to the Federation, three Officers are now facing disciplinary charges.

As soon as the matter was brought to the attention of the High Command, an investigation was launched into the circumstances surrounding the arrest and release of the visitors without charge. Acting Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy updated members of the media on the investigation at the Prime Minister’s Press Conference on Wednesday, January 16.

“The couple was arrested and taken to the Frigate Bay Police Station and later they should have been charged and taken before the court. However, some three Officers did not perform their duties as mandated by law. An investigation was launched and, as a result, disciplinary charges were proffered against those Officers,” Acting Commissioner Brandy said.

Every Police Officer is expected to carry out their duties without fear or favour and to act firmly and fairly when responding to reports. The High Command wishes to assure the public that all Officers are held to a high standard as they are each representatives of the force.

“I think no member of the organisation was happy to see that video circulating on social media. However, I must congratulate Constable Denver Herbert who was on some free time…and was able to come to the rescue of two of his Officers and help to bring the matter under control.”

Notwithstanding this, the High Command would like to assure the public that misinformation being circulated that Officers involved in the incident received a bribe from the visitors has proven to be false. While the situation itself was an unfortunate one, the peddling of such false information, that was clearly deliberately intended to deceive the public, is even more regrettable.

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