Charlestown-Nevis-Three of the pilot whales, which beached at Indian castle, on Saturday last, were taken to Long Point and thrown back into the deep waters, as part of an elaborate rescue effort, coordinated by local fishermen and other helpful individuals.

According to the Hon. Eric Evelyn, Parliamentary representative for the area, the speed at which the work was completed, made the difference between life and death, for at least those three whales.

All of the others died on the spot and were dully buried.

Minister Evelyn thanked all of the heavy equipment operators and other community members, who demonstrated their concern for the stranded creatures, by showing up to assist in getting them back into their natural habitat.

He also had high commendations for the work done by local fisheries expert, Mr. Lemuel Pemberton, who effectively directed the rescue efforts.

One person who was at Long Point when the three whales were thrown back into the water, noted that two resurfaced and looked really lively but the other one did not resurface, at least not in the general area of the pier.


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