Three Way Accident

Morning Star-Nevis-Traffic had to be diverted just around 9 am today, as there was a three vehicles crash up on the main Road in Morning Star.

According to one report, there was a passenger bus leading a line of vehicles, heading towards Charlestown.

As they approached the area of the residence of Mr. Lawrence Richards, the bus apparently braked suddenly.

The driver immediately behind, swerved sharply to her right and the vehicle immediately behind her, crashed into the rear end of the vehicle.

The car behind the second vehicle, had slammed into that vehicle, pushing it forward.

Two of the vehicles were badly damaged and the occupant of the second vehicle was taken via ambulance to the Alexandra Hospital and a female passenger and her child, from the third vehicle, were also taken to the hospital.

There was no word as to their state of wellbeing up to press time.

The Police were on the scene conducting their investigation, while the traffic was diverted through the upper road in Morning Star.

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